“Trust in the Sheriff”: Pat McAfee Draws Flak From NFL Fans for His Peyton Manning at a Roulette Table Story

Arjun Sukumaran
|Published January 21, 2023

Former Indianapolis kicker turned broadcaster Pat McAfee is quickly becoming a sensation in the NFL community. He has a no-nonsense attitude, coupled with a lack of a filter. Which has turned his show, ‘The Pat McAfee Show’, into the ultimate informal talk show for many. However, it seems not all of his stories are hitting the mark. His one about Hall of Famer Peyton Manning’s gambling tip certainly hasn’t.

The story first surfaced during one of McAfee’s stand-up stints. He talks about how during a team trip, he ended up in a casino and in front of the roulette table. After a while, he says, a drunk Peyton Manning comes right up to him, slaps McAfee on his backside, observes the game, and says, “How about that red 18?”, and leaves. McAfee put all his chips on red 18, and funnily enough, the ball stopped on that number.

Needless to say, the story received a great reception from the audience at the show. McAfee has also brought this up on numerous other occasions, including during his appearance on ESPN’s ‘Manningcast’. Manning also subtly acknowledged the truth of the story when he appeared on McAfee’s show, thanking him for spreading the story.

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Fans are not impressed with Pat McAfee roping in Manning’s name in a joke

However, it seems the internet audience isn’t all that impressed with the former kicker. In fact, most just don’t believe such a situation can ever happen, calling McAfee a ‘liar’. These are probably the same set of people who don’t believe in miracles, but hey, each to their own. Fortunately, there are some McAfee fans who take the story in its intended form and do not dissect its particulars.

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Pat McAfee is rising to new heights week after week, and his career as a sports broadcaster is skyrocketing. Indeed, he is close to becoming a household name in America. he even recently secured a high-value partnership with the popular beer company, Bud Light, one that he has been chasing for years. Things are definitely looking up for the former Indianapolis man.

The same cannot be said of his former team, though. With a 7-game losing streak, they finished 3rd in the AFC South with a 4-12 record. Things took a weird turn for the team mid-season, when they replaced then head coach Frank Reich with former ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday. Saturday had no prior coaching experience in the NFL, his highest coaching job being with a high school team.

That being said, Saturday was brought in as an interim coach, which means the post is still open. With numerous experienced coaches and coordinators looking for a new home, the Colts might just be tempted to bring in someone with more experience. Fans will also be praying that the Colts make use of their relatively high place on next year’s draft, and come off with a decent team to start next season.

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