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While 4 Out of 5 NFL Players Go Bankrupt, $32 Million Jaylon Smith is Setting an Example for Footballers With Major Investments in 7 Companies

Shubham Bhargav

Jaylon Smith

The NFL is not an easy nut to crack. Innumerable athletes try their absolute hardest to make their way into the competition and sometimes, even the most promising ones among all end up achieving nothing after sustaining a career-ending injury in their rookie year itself.

Even the ones who do end up making a name for themselves, sometimes end up losing all they ever earned due to poor money management. As per Sports Illustrated, almost 4 out of 5 NFL stars either end up going bankrupt, or find themselves in severe financial crisis after just two years of retirement. However, Jaylon Smith is definitely not one among the unfortunate 4.

Jaylon Smith might be the next big Sports Entrepreneur

Renowned linebacker Jaylon Smith came into the league after earning quite a reputation in his college days. The 2015 Butkus Award recipient was roped in by the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. However, he had to spend his entire rookie season on the bench due to a torn ACL and MCL.

After enjoying some success with the Cowboys for 5 long years, Smith went to the Packers in 2021. However, he was released just after appearing in two games. He then went to the Giants’ practice squad and was promoted to the active roster on a couple of occasions in the last two years.

Till now, Jaylon has earned a total of $32 million by playing in the NFL. He could have made a lot more money but constant injuries several affected his ability to churn out good numbers. Yet, Smith has been able to ace the investment game. As reported by Sports entrepreneur and creator Andrew Petcash, Jaylon has already invested in 7 different companies and if everything goes as planned, he will end up living a lavish retirement life.

Jaylon Smith is nailing the investing game

Just a week ago, Jaylon partnered with Jinya Ramen bar to set up a unit in the Notre Dam campus. Moreover, Smith’s MEI capital fund is hosting pitch competitions for Black, Latin and Female founders. In addition to all this, he has already invested in Zirtue, which is a lending platform.

Onyx+East, which is related to home design, and the Cycle, which is an apparel brand, are now backed by the football star. COhatch, which aims to provide meeting spaces has also gained Smith’s support. Moreover, CEV Collection, a sunglasses brand, NESTRE, a mental strength app and EOS Worldwide have also got funds from the linebacker.

This is simply astonishing. On numerous occasions, we have heard stars like Shaquille O’Neal advising athletes to invest their money. However, many of them end up blowing their cash by investing in depreciating assets. It’s good to see Smith supporting young creators and who knows, they might end up making him a Billionaire one day.

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Shubham Bhargav

Shubham Bhargav


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