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“Who Wants to Watch One of Those?”: Jason Kelce Isn’t Impressed With Tom Brady’s Broadcasting Debut Fixture

Sauvik Banerjee

“Who Wants To Watch One Of Those”: Jason Kelce Isn’t Impressed With Tom Brady’s Broadcasting Debut Fixture

Jason Kelce and Tom Brady are the two freshly minted broadcasters in the world of football. Both the NFL legends would be making their debuts this season, and they couldn’t be more excited to enter a new chapter in their lives. However, Brady’s debut fixture wasn’t impressive enough for Jason.

Where Jason Kelce will be a part of ESPN’s MNF pregame show, TB12 will be calling the games live from the booth for Fox. Despite being excited for Tom Brady, the former Eagles center didn’t seem too flattered by Brady making his debut in the Week 2 matchup between the Browns and the Cowboys.

“I fu**ing can’t wait to listen to Tom Brady call games,” Jason said. “And he’s gonna kill it. And the fact that he’s doing it in Cleveland to start off. Sucks that he’s doing a Cowboys game. I mean, who wants to watch one of those?”

The comment made by Jason was a playful jab at the Cowboys franchise, which happens to be his and his Eagles’ biggest divisional rivals. Throughout his storied and illustrious career, the future Hall of Famer often fell short when facing America’s team during the regular season. He called it a career on the back of an 11-13 record; so, safe to say, the rivalry lives on.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Jason Kelce himself will kick off his broadcasting journey with the Jets vs. 49ers matchup after he replaced RGIII from ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown crew.

Travis Kelce Addresses Greg Olsen’s Demotion Following Tom Brady’s Rise

Tom Brady’s entrance as a broadcaster in the Fox crew did induce some collateral damage in the form of Greg Olsen. The former Panthers TE turned broadcaster took a $7 million pay cut and gave up his position to the seven-time Super Bowl champ.

Addressing Olsen’s massive career hit, Travis Kelce emphasized that it was merely a stroke of bad luck. With TB12 stepping in to replace him, there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

“I love my guy Greg Olsen,” Travis said. “They kind of did him dirty over there in Fox. But I mean it’s Tom Brady. What can you do right? You know just sometimes you just got to do your thing and Greg does a fu**king tremendous job. He called our Super Bowl game, and he was fu**ing fantastic doing that.”

The NFL broadcasting has certainly amped up its game with a bunch of blockbuster additions this year, including Bill Belichick joining the ManningCast. Safe to say, the broadcasting will ensure a thrilling experience like never before, and it’s not even close.

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