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With Caitlin Clark Putting On An Exhibition, Pat McAfee Proclaims Indiana As Future Parade Town

Utsav Khanna

With Caitlin Clark Putting On An Exhibition, Pat McAfee Proclaims Indiana As Future Parade Town

Indianapolis and Pat McAfee have a long history together. Having played here all his career, he holds the place in high and special regard. And with the city having one of the most vibrant multi-sport culture in America, McAfee is on all through the year.

Talking about his favourite city, McAfee points out a bright future,“We’re talking Indianapolis being known as ‘Parade Town’ for maybe the next ten years with what we have going on in basketball and football…. Parades are coming to Indy, pal.”

And this time, the city’s hit the jackpot in the WNBA draft. They have bagged the most electric star that basketball has seen in a while. Caitlin Clark, lit it up for the Indian Fever team. Although, having lost her debut game to the Dallas Wings by just three points, Clark put up a team-high score of 21 points.

But the former punter didn’t mind the loss. All he could talk about was how amazing Clark’s first pro-outing looked. The best play being the one where she absolutely cooks the defender from Dallas with her crossovers and hesitations. Ending the play with a sweet sounding three pointer. The sound of the net hitting the basket.

McAfee goes a step further, and talks about the parade that might happen downtown. He includes football and men’s basketball to the table as well, showcasing the many things going right for Indy sports scene right now.

McAfee cheekily notes,“I think… I think she’s gonna be great. I think she’s gonna be like really good… Could you imagine? We having a parade downtown? Cause of the Fever?” And even though it could be argued that McAfee is jumping the gun with just one game under Clark’s belt, her college career speaks volumes about her ceiling. And that’s what McAfee is banking on.

Pat McAfee Lists Out Reasons to Support Parade Town Indy

Caitlin Clark definitely looks special. But WNBA isn’t the only thing going right in Indy. The Pacers just eliminated former champs Milwaukee Bucks, with Dame Dolla on the squad. Yes, Giannis sat out and obviously tilted it in their favor. But it was still a clinic that Tyrese Haliburton led to close out the series in 6.

Tyrese Haliburton & Pascal Siakim plan to take down the Knicks and will succeed, if the former NFL punter is to be believed. And with the Pacers getting them the first championship, Indiana will start rolling in rings in no time, again, as per the biased Pat McAfee.

While on the football front, the Colts also went for a winning record last year, that too with Gardner Minshew no less. So with Anthony Richardson coming into his own, the Colts should starting trending upwards from here.

Hopes are high in Indiana, but a lot of depends on the hoopers. Will this be Indy’s year?

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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