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“They aren’t going to win with Aaron Rodgers”: $20 million NFL commentator had a shockingly bad take about future MVP’s NFL prospects

Ashish Priyadarshi

"They aren't going to win with Aaron Rodgers": $20 million NFL commentator had a shockingly bad take about future MVP's NFL prospects

Aaron Rodgers is perhaps the most talented quarterback in the NFL right now, but people didn’t always believe him in the way they do now, especially this one commentator.

The Packers quarterback is undoubtedly one of the most skilled quarterbacks in the league. He can make pretty much any throw you want him to, and there are only a few quarterbacks in the league who can say they have a bigger arm than him.

Rodgers has consistently been a top two quarterback in the league over the years. He’s won MVP the last two years in a row, showing how age hasn’t really taken a toll on his performance.

Despite rumors about retiring or switching teams, Rodgers is going to be back for the Packers next year, hoping to take them to the promise land after years of playoff disappointment.

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$20 million NFL commentator had a horrible take on Aaron Rodgers

Unlike other greats of the game or stars in the NFL right now, Rodgers wasn’t a superstar right from the start. He was the backup to Brett Favre for three years before he got his chance to play for the Packers.

He made his debut when Brett Favre was injured in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Famous NFL commentator Cris Collinsworth had an interesting take on Rodgers’ future when he entered. Cris Collinsworth has a net worth of $20 million, and he’s been a longtime commentator for NBC Sports for NFL games.

That take backfired incredibly. Green Bay won a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers at the helm in 2011, and year after year, Rodgers has kept the Packers as a Super Bowl contender. He’s a four-time MVP, and he’s proven to be one of the best players in the NFL’s current era.

Even though Rodgers has a Super Bowl under his belt, rings have largely eluded the star quarterback. That’s perhaps the only knock you can make on his career. Whether it’s been unfortunate circumstances, bad defense, or bad coaching, Rodgers has rarely been the Packers’ reason for losing.

He’s the least turnover prone quarterback in NFL history, and we may never see someone so gifted, so accurate, and so dangerous throwing the ball ever again.

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Ashish Priyadarshi

Ashish Priyadarshi


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