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“Doesn’t Mean We Should Demean”: Noah Lyles, Fred Kerley, and Track World Unite Against Negative ‘World Record’ Speculations

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Doesn’t Mean We Should Demean”: Noah Lyles, Fred Kerley, and Track World Unite Against Negative ‘World Record’ Speculations

When track athletes give their all on the field, they receive the flowers they deserve from the community. However, this completely changes when a particular athlete fails to deliver at a major event or during a difficult season, for a variety of reasons. The negativity in the community has been concerning, and a recent article by Citius Mag’s Anderson Emerole has piqued the interest of Noah Lyles and Fred Kerley.

The article was based on Kerley’s latest world record statement, in which the four-time world champion claimed that he would go all out for his next 100 meters. Since Usain Bolt set an amazing 9.58 seconds at the 2009 World Championships, no athlete has broken the world record in the same category.

Tyson Gay, an American track icon, came close to this accomplishment only a month later, setting a 9.69. He is also tied for the second spot with Yohan Blake, who recorded the same time in 2012. The track community has been anticipating a world record in the 100 meters for years, but there has been no improvement.

So, anytime a modern-day athlete claims to be attempting a world record, they are met by trolls and internet users who are confident that they will not succeed. However, this badly affects the track star, who is keen to challenge the long-standing records, as Lyles writes:

I actually don’t like this headline. I watched the video this was taken from and @EmeroleAnderson talked about something VERY important. He talked about even if we the fans don’t believe an athlete can run a time doesn’t mean we should Demean them for making goals.”

According to the six-time world champion, the negativity that athletes face needs to go. They are competing for their country, and they, like the spectators, want to see the American flag displayed proudly in these important competitions.

Achieving world records, world leads, meet records, and other honors is not easy, and these competitors give their all in every event they participate in, especially if a gold medal is on the line. The 26-year-old also emphasizes that different track stars have different aspirations and should not face negativity simply for selecting a seasonal goal for their own careers. Fred Kerley also replied to Citius Mag’s X post, but as usual, he kept it brief and cryptic, writing:


Kerley has received a lot of criticism for his recent performance at track meets. He won the Hurricane Invitational 100 meters but then finished second and third in the Xiamen and Suzhou Diamond League events, respectively.

He even competed in the Jamaican Athletics 200-meter sprint but lost first place to British runner Zharnel Hughes. It has been challenging for the track star, but he is focused on his upcoming race, where he is set to face some strong competition.

Fred Kerley’s 100-meter Sprint at the Oslo Diamond League

After stints in China, the four-time world champion will go to Oslo, Norway, for his next stage of the Diamond League tour. According to Fred Kerley’s social media posts, his determination is at its peak as he gives his all during the training sessions leading up to the race. He is also aware of the two key competitors who will line up alongside him on the 100-meter grid.

This race will be pure entertainment for track fans because it is a rematch between the American and South African sprinter Akani Simbine, who fought to the finish line in Suzhou. Both will also compete against Italian runner Lamont Marcell Jacobs.

He may have missed a lot of races over the last two seasons, but his experience as an Olympic sprinter will make him a formidable competitor. These three will compete on the track, and based on Kerley’s world record statement from a few days ago, fans could not be more excited.

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