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Michael Johnson Warns the Track World to ‘Watch Out’ for Josh Kerr at the Olympics as He Makes a Bold Statement

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Michael Johnson Warns the Track World to ‘Watch Out’ for Josh Kerr at the Olympics as He Makes a Bold Statement

Josh Kerr made headlines earlier this year at the World Athletics Indoor Championships. He easily overcame his opponents at his home field in Glasgow, claiming his first world indoor championship in the 3000-meter race. Despite his achievements, the Scottish middle-distance runner has a different perspective on the Paris Olympics. The mentality he conveyed to Citius Mag in an interview also piqued the interest of four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson.

In the video, Kerr describes how his life changed last year in Budapest when he won his first world championship in the 1500-meter event. He also realizes that things move quickly, that he has plenty of possibilities every time, and that the problems he has on track are what motivate him to compete more since he enjoys them.

According to the Scottish athlete, there is a significant difference between running in the World Championships and the Olympic Games. Despite having experienced pressure both indoors and outdoors on the World Championship track, he understands how much more difficult Olympic events are.

Kerr competed in the 1500-meter category at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 but finished in third place with a time of 3:29.05. It was his first Olympics, and the Scottish runner accomplished a remarkable feat. However, coming into 2024, he intends to turn that bronze into a shiny gold medal, as he is mentally prepared for the obstacles that Paris will throw at him. Johnson also stressed the pressure that Kerr is currently under, on the track community, writing:

“When the World Champion say ‘I need to be better’ the world better watch out!”

The four-time Olympic gold medalist understands what Kerr is going through. He has experienced comparable situations and knows the value that Olympic gold holds. However, with all of the flashy accolades comes pressure, not just from rivals but also from fans who want their athletes to bring glory to their country. Johnson also admires Kerr’s mindset, since he continues to train hard even after winning gold in Glasgow.

Watching all of these athletes prepare for top performances gives the American icon a sense of one of the best Olympic Games ever. He has previously stated that Team USA athletes will face stiff competition this year, and he has even recommended his favorites for the 200-meter spots.

Michael Johnson’s top Three for the 200 Meters at the Paris Olympics

Chris Chavez, the founder of Citius Mag, recently speculated on his X about Team USA athletes that are expected to compete in the 200-meter event at the Olympics. Michael Johnson noticed the social media post because he is just as eager as everyone else about the category this year, which many sportsmen want to compete in.

However, of the eight competitors selected by Chavez, the four-time Olympic gold medalist chose only three: Noah Lyles, Kenny Bednarek, and Erriyon Knighton. Johnson understands the six-time world champion’s potential, and after breaking the 200-meter American mark in 2022, he is a great contender to not only win gold but also challenge Usain Bolt’s world record.

The American icon has also expressed his admiration for Bednarek, citing his consistency throughout the years in every type of event in which he has competed. With the 25-year-old’s new world lead, Johnson is confident he will become the selectors’ favorite. While Johnson is cognizant of Knighton’s youth, he knows the prodigy’s talent, which he has proven many times on the track. However, there are several options for USATF, as any athlete can make it to Paris only if they prove themselves.

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