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“See It as Good News and Keep Fighting”: Track World Hopeful as World Athletics Announces Prize Money for Olympic Gold Medalists at the Paris Olympics 2024

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“See It as Good News and Keep Fighting”: Track World Hopeful as World Athletics Announces Prize Money for Olympic Gold Medalists at the Paris Olympics 2024

In the world of track and field, something remarkable has emerged. The World Athletics, recently announced on Instagram that the Paris Olympics 2024 gold medal winners would each get $50,000. While the sum may not seem like much, it is very significant for the sport.

Among the most anticipated events of the year is the Paris Olympics. Many sports have plenty of exciting athletes that spectators should keep an eye on. But it’s a major deal to provide separate prize money, keeping in focus the betterment of the sport. In addition to this, the athletes will also receive checks from the Olympics committee itself, based on how well they do.

World Athletics has made this decision since the athletes are the sport’s main attraction. Even for the winning relay teams, this requirement applies, as the prize money is split evenly between the members of the team.

The prize money would also include the silver and bronze medalists at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. World Athletics also added a caption, in which they wrote:

World Athletics introduces prize money for Olympic gold medallists at Paris 2024, and all medallists from LA28.”

While some shared their criticism towards the prize money, many fans were thrilled about the sport’s betterment and future. One fan wrote:

“Guys ofc it’s not much. But keep in mind that this is a premiere, there’s already an OLYMPIC prize money. This means WA is also giving a ‘bonus’ . Let’s see it as good news and keep fighting for more and better things for our sport!! :))”

World Athletics has made a great move towards the future; as this fan wrote:

“Athletes get a bonus for medaling. This is separate from that. This is progress.”

Another fan appreciates the decision of the organization, as they state:

“Step in the right direction.”

This fan also appreciates the decision for the sport; as they left a comment:

“Good start. IOC needs to do more though but gotta start somewhere.”

Bashing the critics, this fan wrote:

“The comments are sad. No other sports governing body is offering money to their athletes! People hate celebrating progress.”

As a giant leap into the future, this prize money will pique more people’s interest in the sport. With the outdoor season’s arrival, many fans are eagerly anticipating the greatness of the athletes of Team USA. Moreover, this list also includes legendary athletes. However, track legends like Usain Bolt have a few suggestions for the officials of the sport.

Usain Bolt confident of the future of track and field under World Athletics

In addition to the upcoming Paris Olympics and the rest of the track and field season, Usain Bolt has proposed several improvements to the sport. World Athletics has overseen track and field for quite some time, and the sport’s rules have remained mostly unchanged, according to Bolt. 

The competitors’ level is something he is pleased with, but he would want to see a few rule tweaks to make the sport more exciting. A large number of new and returning fans will get engrossed in the sport as a consequence of this. In addition, Bolt also believes that these adjustments might eventually break several long-standing World Records.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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