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“She Raised Me Right”: Days After Dedicating His 200M World Lead to Mother, Kenny Bednarek Recalls His Childhood

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“She Raised Me Right”: Days After Dedicating His 200M World Lead to Mother, Kenny Bednarek Recalls His Childhood

Kenny Bednarek stunned the track world by winning the Doha Diamond League’s 200-meter sprint ahead of his fellow Team USA competitors on the grid. He immediately made headlines after capturing the 19.67 mark, which gave him the world lead for the season as well as the meet record. Overjoyed with his triumph, the athlete dedicated the historic performance to his mother on her birthday.

Notably, this is not the first time the racing star has devoted a win to his beloved mother, who has always provided him with the love and support he requires.

This wholesome relationship also comes with strictness, as Bednarek once disclosed to Nick Diller on Instagram about his childhood days and how his mother nurtured him:

“I’d say she raised me right. She was really strict.”

Bednarek was aware that his mother’s strictness stemmed from specific worries. He recalled how she would tell him to come home early if there was a curfew outdoors. Mary would also remind him to finish his assignments on time and limit his television consumption.

The athlete remembers asking his mother to go to a party one time, but she instantly declined. He did not even have a mobile device until his freshman year, and when he did, it was a flip phone. However, he did switch to a smartphone later, but only during his final year.

Bednarek had always wanted a driver’s license since he was 15, but Mary refused to let him obtain one because she believed he was too young. Despite the strictness, Bednarek never regrets how his mother raised him, as he states:

“I think she kind of raised me and my siblings just kind of old-fashioned, and honestly, I’d rather have it that way because it helped me be the person I am today.”

Bednarek’s excellent outdoor season has made him an influential figure in the track community. He promised to perform to the best of his ability ahead of the Olympics, and so far he has done a fantastic job of accumulating the stats required to secure a spot in the big event.

Kenny Bednarek’s 2024 Season Until Now

Track athletes are keeping a close eye on the ongoing 2024 season as the Paris Olympics is set to take place in a month. Fans are eager to see the action building up to the big event, and many well-known sprinters are providing them with just that. Kenny Bednarek began the year at the UCF Knights Invite 400-meter race, where he finished first.

He also maintained his form in the 200-meter season opener at the Miramar Invitational, winning with an impressive 20.35. Bednarek then competed in two 100-meter events and quickly won first place, earning him a spot in the 4×100-meter relays at the World Relays 2024.

The athlete demonstrated excellent teamwork and even helped Team USA be selected for the Paris Olympics. Many in the community appreciated Bednarek’s constant performance and expected him to shine even brighter at the main event.

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