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With Paris Olympics Around the Corner, Usain Bolt and His ‘Most Impressive World Record’ Leaves Track and Field Fans Nostalgic

Radha Iyer

With Paris Olympics Around the Corner, Usain Bolt and His ‘Most Impressive World Record’ Leaves Track and Field Fans Nostalgic

Track and field is synonymous with Usain Bolt due to his talent across various categories on the field, which eventually made him the fastest human on Earth. Even after his retirement, one could not forget some of the jaw-dropping world records that he set during various competitions. His significant contributions to the field have become a source of inspiration for several athletes.

Recently, he sat down for a candid interview with the popular jewelry and lifestyle magazine ‘Something About Rocks‘. Speaking about his life these days, he opened up about his sense of fashion and accessory preferences, followed by some discussion on how he set astounding records on the track as an elite sprinter from Jamaica.

Bolt uploaded one of the several photos captured as a part of the interview, where he was sporting a Hublot watch and diamond chains as some of his chosen accessories. With a serious face posing against sharply contrasting background colors, he pulled a quote from the magazine author Ian Thorley about his achievements.

“After Four (4) rounds of the 100m & Three (3) rounds of the 200m.. It still shocks me that he ran that quick. For me, it’s the most impressive World Record (WR) ever in sprinting.”


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Fellow competitor Justin Gatlin expressed his awe and respect.

“Highly Impressive!!!”

A fan firmly believed that Bolt could still achieve good timing on track with the right tools.

“Bolt in today’s era, prime condition, in these new spikes – on that Oregon track is running 19:05…what we think his PB would be??”

Some even believed that Bolt’s record of 9.58 was unbeatable.

“9.58 will not be broken in our life time…”

One expressed how the Olympics wouldn’t be the same without the GOAT on track.

“Olympic games without Usain Bolt will not be the same! We miss you Usain!”

Lastly, several fans flooded the comments section with praises for Bolt’s historic moments:

“UB himself…The only lightening bolt to strike the same place twice. You amaze me Sir. The greatest of all times…”

It’s no secret that the track and field legend has always made a lasting impression on the sport and athletes, with several aspiring to be as talented as him. However, with time, Bolt’s interests have also expanded to various avenues, such as lifestyle, music, cricket, football, and so on.

Usain Bolt is more than just a legendary sprinter today

Having recently released his music album under his own records company, Bolt has been on a mission to fulfill side quests. Now that the icon has retired from the track, his old interests have resurfaced, resulting in some mind-blowing projects and activities over the past few months.

Apart from the music album, he was also the brand ambassador for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, owing to his early love for cricket. He has also toured several places and fueled some fire for his love of soccer upon visiting Manchester for the ICC World Cup promotions. Now that he has time, he’s keeping himself busy with his several other passions.

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