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Oxygen Esports Valorant : Oxygen sign looking4org core

Ganesh Kamat

Oxygen Esports is a well known NA organization known for its R6 Siege, Rocket League, Hearthstone, Fortnite and Magic rosters.

The make their entry into Valorant by signing the all Turkish team core of looking4org roster with the exception of one.

This also make them the first NA org to sign a European team.

Oxygen have picked up mavera, Turko, Toronto, Xistou and m1tez.

Only m1tez is the new face within the team and rest were part of the orgless roster who they they replaced pAura.

The roster before getting signed have performed well, registering tournament wins at both the Clutch Battles Tournament and D2 Esports EU 1k.

They also finished 3rd at the Logitech G Beyond but bowed out early in the Mandatory.GG Cup where the finished 65th-128th.

While m1tez competed with breadHUNTERS and Team turkey for the Twitch Rivals EU Showdown 2.

With breadHunters, the team finished 5th-8th at the Vitality Open and 17th-32nd at the Rise of Titans cup.

They also finished 33rd-64th in Mandatory.GG Cup.

The team is quite promising with the addition of m1tez and with proper organization backing.

They can achieve great things.

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