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Palworld Becomes The Sixth Game with Highest Concurrent Players in The History of Steam

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


The hype is more than real for Palworld, especially these past few weeks. The game broke all kinds of records and has become one of the highest-played games on Steam. The “Pokemon with Guns” is much more than that combining elements of Minecraft and many other games that incorporate base building, boss fights, and so on. Quite recently, it became the sixth game with the highest number of concurrent players in the history of Steam. This is a huge achievement, especially for Pocketpair which is a seemingly new studio founded merely a decade ago.

Palworld, breaking this record now beats AAA titans like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, and Fallout 4. For better context, here is a Top 10 list in order of the highest number of concurrent player counts on Steam for games currently.

  1. Palworld: 1,121,226 Current Players
  2. Cyberpunk 2077: 45,781 Current Players
  3. Elden Ring: 71,797 Current Players
  4. New World: 15,969 Current Players
  5. Hogwarts Legacy: 18,861 Current Players
  6. Baldur’s Gate 3: 154,498 Current Players
  7. Valheim: 28,206 Current Players
  8. Call of Duty: 93,702 Current Players
  9. Terraria: 43,440 Current Players
  10. Fallout 4: 16,846 Current Players

The game already has become a worldwide success and has sold over 4,000,000 copies according to the studio. Palworld has not only been released for Steam but also for the Xbox Game Pass and the numbers for that haven’t even been counted yet already making it a grand success. The Japanese studio is already hard at work to make Palworld better and give it more content for the future.

A lot of gamers were quick to point out the similarities to the Pokemon franchise and accused the studio of plagiarizing the designs. However, the game received its fair share of success despite those allegations.

Becoming the Highest Played Game Since Release Was Not Enough for Palworld

Aside from setting the record for the highest concurrent player count on Steam, it also became the most-played game for the platform within 24 hours of release. The reason we suspect it would be is because of the lack of Pokemon games on platforms other than Nintendo but also due to the unique aspect of the game. It offers much more than using Pals to fight your battles. One can build a base with them, trade them for money, and even eat some of them in most cases.

There are tons of Pals around in the wild and players can catch most of them, even those who appear as Boss Battles. Aside from using Pals, other Pokemonesque features have intrigued even Nintendo fans. Palworld has gained popularity as much as any other AAA game has in the market and this is not the only thing in the cards for it.

Palworld is well on its way to establishing a strong community for the game like other ones like Valorant, CS 2, and many more. The game might be on its way to setting more records sooner than we expected. There might even be a plethora of awards for it in the future if all goes well and the studio keeps pumping out content that does justice to the player base.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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