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Horizon Forbidden West to Drop for PC Next Year: Celebrating the Success of PlayStation Ports

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

An image of the Horizon Forbidden West PC announcement poster

Horizon Forbidden West PC will come out in 2024. This means that Sony will have another successful game in its IP that will have a proper PC Port. Let us discuss the history of these ports and how Sony has continued to dominate this market.

Horizon is one of the most successful PlayStation franchises in the current gaming market and it’s storytelling is on par with the best of the games. The first game was a breath of fresh air in the AAA market and got nominated for multiple awards in addition to receiving critical acclaim. The second game, Horizon Forbidden West pits Machine Hunter, Aloy against even tougher opponents.

In a recent blog post, PlayStation stated that they will release a Complete Edition of the game for the PS5 this year. It will include lots of features that Horizon fans will love. In addition, Horizon Forbidden West is set to get a PC port next year. Let us analyze everything we know and then break down the success of Sony’s PC Ports.


  • Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition: Sony’s Attempt at Another PC Port
  • Release Date and Details for the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 and PC Port
  • Popular PC Ports Already Published by Sony
  • The Legacy of PC Ports and Console Exclusivity

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition: Sony’s Attempt at Another PC Port

The Horizon Franchise is one of the most successful IPs in the market for Sony. They are looking to maximize its reach by ensuring that a large part of the gaming community can enjoy the story. For that, they are going to release Horizon Forbidden West for the PlayStation 5 and PC. In recent times, there have been a lot of successful PC ports for Sony and this game is being set up to be another one.

Horizon Forbidden West is a well-received sequel to Zero Dawn and carries forward Aloy’s story really well. She gets companions and her character grows into a self-reliant individual. Having said that, let us take a look at the details for both of the releases i.e. PS5 and PC.

Release Date and Details for the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 and PC Port

An image of Aloy riding a Dragon
(Image via PlayStation)

The game’s release will feature a Complete Edition which will have much more than the base game. We are going to take a look at the list of features the Complete Edition will bring below. The release date for the PS5 is October 6th, 2023 which is roughly a week from now at the time of writing. The price of the same will be $59.99 / €69.99 / ¥7,980. Here is what the Complete Edition includes:

  • Horizon Forbidden West for PS5
  • Burning Shores DLC for PS5
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital art book
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 1: The Sunhawk digital comic book

There are some bonus in-game items as well. You can check them out below.

  • In-game items:
    • Extras in Photo Mode (Special pose and face paint)
  • In-game items unlocked via story progression:
    • Carja Behemoth Elite outfit ·Carja Behemoth Short Bow
    • Nora Thunder Elite outfit
    • Nora Thunder Sling
    • Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike piece
    • Resources pack

However, the PC port is going to release in early 2024 according to the PlayStation Blog. PlayStation is partnering with Nixxess Software who also did the port for Spider-Man PC to bring Forbidden West on desktops in early 2024. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam and the Epic Games store.

Popular PC Ports Already Published by Sony

An image of Aloy fighting a Machine
(Image via PlayStation)

This PC Port won’t be the only ace up their sleeve Sony has. In addition to porting the Horizon Franchise, Sony has also ported over multiple other popular franchises. In fact, the porting started with the Horizon franchise when they first ported Zero Dawn in 2020. Aside from that, take a look at all the franchises that Sony Interactive Entertainment has made available for Windows.

  • Days Gone (2021)
  • God of War (2022)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2022)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (2022)
  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (2022)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (2023)
  • Returnal (2023)
  • The Last of Us Part I (2023)

These are all successful franchises that have gone on to sell millions of copies of their original PlayStation releases. However, with the PC port, the sales have noticeably increased. In comparison to a console, there are a significant number of gamers who own a PC. That is why, it is a good business strategy for Sony to make more ports. Perhaps in the future, we may see ports of popular franchises such as InFamous, the God of War trilogy, BloodBorne, and more.

The Legacy of PC Ports and Console Exclusivity

An image from Horizon Forbidden West featuring Aloy
(Image via PlayStation)

PC ports are here to stay as long as Sony continues to make and use IPs that are popular and resonate with the public. In terms of future releases like Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, there might be ports that follow the game soon after. We expect a year or two after. Console Exclusivity can be a problem since it denies a particular game’s experience to people.

However, PC owners can thrive in this environment should either Xbox or PlayStation decide to port games that are exclusive to their console to PC. A fresh example could be Halo Infinite, which was released for both Xbox and PC. In this way, both companies, Sony and Microsoft, can ensure that they are giving fans what they want while capitalizing on the opportunities in the gaming market. PC Ports are the future of gaming and a possible solution to console exclusivity.

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