Paul Pogba: Man Utd star responds to Roy Keane’s criticism following Chelsea draw

Sudarshan Venkatesan
|Published 29/04/2019

Paul Pogba has responded to Roy Keane’s criticism after a 1-1 draw to Chelsea. 

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has hit back at former Red Devils captain Roy Keane by declaring his critics ‘can say what they want’

Keane has been critical about the Frenchman’s performance at the club branding him a ‘problem’ before the Manchester derby which ended in a loss at Old Trafford.

“I wouldn’t believe a word he says,” Keane told Sky Sports. “There’s no meaning, no meaning behind it. I don’t even think he believed what he was saying there. He is a big problem, no doubt about it.

“You’ve got to run back when you’re defending. He said it got a bit heated after the game against Everton; I heard they were actually throwing their hair gel at each other.”

Paul Pogba has scored 16 goals in all competitions this season, but he has been inconsistent which has frustrated plenty of fans. The Reds Devils midfielder is said to be pressing for a summer move to Real Madrid because he does not intend to play in the Europa League for another year according to several sources.

The world cup winner was also included in the PFA Team of the year despite not performing at his best. His inclusion caused exasperation to the supporters including plenty of Manchester United fans who agreed with the same.

Despite the on-going slam against him, Pogba has said that he does not have a problem with those comments.

“There’s no problem,” he told RMC following the 1-1 draw with Chelsea on Sunday. “They’re paid to say things in front of the camera. I’m just focused on what happens on the pitch.

“They can say what they want, they’re paid for that. I’m not paid to speak. I’m paid to be on the pitch and to fight for my team. That’s all.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted..

What’s next?

Manchester United will play Huddersfield Town in the Premier League at John Smith Stadium next weekend followed by the final day clash against Cardiff City at Old Trafford. The Red Devils are three points adrift of Chelsea and Arsenal, but Solskjaer’s men have kinder fixtures than those two.



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