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“No more Drama”: Fedmyster, Pokimane, Keemstar and others give their opinions on the recent controversy

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|Thu Nov 26 2020

The Fedmyster-Pokimane drama keeps on going as different streamers from twitch offered their own thoughts and opinions. Some are supporting Fed while some are on Poki’s side. We are here to keep you up with the news.

Yesterday another jolt hit the Twitch community as a leaked document was doing the rounds of social media. It was an incriminating doc filled with screenshots of text messages between Fed and Poki.

Fed put up some substantial claims against Poki and many hailed it as Fed exposing Poki. Although this doesn’t seem to be entirely the case. Lets take a look at the aftermath of this incident.

Poki and Fedmyster react to the leak –

While many expected Fed to be behind the leak this was not the case. In a statement released on his twitter he had quite a few things to say. He said that the document was leaked by someone close to him whom he turned for advice. He further added that Poki and him had spoken and decided to not drag this controversy ahead.

While Poki on the other hand did a stream where she discussed the leaked document in detail and talked about it. Many characterized her responses as “vague” and she was called out by a lot of other streamers.

Keemstar, Destiny and others give their opinions –

Keemstar in usual Keemstar fashion called out Poki in a series of tweets. He posted one of the screenshots from the leaked doc to further his claim that it was Poki that led Fed on.

Destiny felt that Poki’s reaction was very vague and not appropriate enough. Another streamer that was in the news for all the wrong reasons was xQc who was banned last week. Even he responded to the leak and answered a question from a subscriber. It was his “comeback” stream and he jokingly said that Poki and Fed took the attention from him.

All in all it seems that Fed and Poki as they urged fans to respect their privacy and seem like they are ready to move on from the incident. But does the community also feels the same? Only time will tell.

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