Reports: Kubica to get Williams drive, Ocon to have a triple role

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 12/11/2018

Robert Kubica could finally get that F1 return that he has been craving for for so many years.

With the Williams seat up for grabs, according to reports in AMuS, Kubica has secured the drive and the deal could be announced this week.

Kubica had earlier admitted that he did not want to force his way back into F1, and had conceded that he would weigh his options as he had the choice of becoming a Ferrari simulator driver too.

“The comeback must also fit. I do not want to force anything. It should be the reward for a long journey. It’s got to be about the environment and the people I work with.” Kubica said.

With Kubica’s move to Williams all but sealed, Ocon is sure to miss out on a 2019 F1 seat, but Mercedes will keep him busy all through the year with a rare triple role.

According to the report in AMuS, Ocon is going to a assume a very rare triple role with Mercedes, Force India and Williams(possibly) for next year.

Ocon will be the reserve, test and simulator driver for all of these three teams, helping him stay up to speed with the F1 world. He is tipped to replace Bottas at Mercedes in 2020 and partner Lewis Hamilton.

“We have been told Kubica will likely sign 2019 Williams contract this week. Only minor details still to be sorted out. Ocon to get new job as reserve, test & simulator driver for both Mercedes & Force India (and maybe Williams).” Tobi Gruner from AMuS tweeted.

Kubica’s return to F1 will be an emotional one for everyone involved, and especially for the Pole, who was waited a long time for this chance.

Interesting times ahead.

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