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Reviews Will No Longer be Lost On Umpire’s Call in DRS

Siddharth Nair

The ICC has passed a set of new rules which have been made to improve the game for both players and fans alike. Several members in the council had suggested some changes, which were then implemented by the ICC. The most notable change is that reviews will no longer be lost on Umpire’s call in the Decision Review System.

The new changes will come into effect from October 1st this year.

Some of the other changes include the addition of the DRS in T20 cricket and that teams will no longer have their reviews topped up from the 80 over mark. In addition to this, a minimum standard for the DRS has been identified, with the usage of ball tracking and edge detection now mandatory.

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Bat sizes have also been introduced, with the bats having sizes of the measurements having limits of 108mm in width, 67 mm in depth and 40mm at the edge. These limits were discussed in a MCC meeting held in Mumbai last year.

Taking a leaf out of football, now Umpires will have the right to send players off the field in case of improper conduct. This is a major change that all member countries have agreed upon. The ICC quoted, “All members have agreed to implement this in full.”

And finally in run outs, all batsmen will be declared not out if their bat bounces after being grounded behind the line.

These rules will be implemented in a few months time, and we hope that it will make the spectacle much more enjoyable for us fans.

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