Minecraft Championship (MCC) 29: All of the Competing Teams in The Competition and The Names!

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 13/03/2023

Minecraft Championship 29 is one of the most well-known events in the community. A lot of popular YouTubers and streamers are going to take part in it. That is why we are going to be taking a look at all of the teams and their participating members in this article below.

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Minecraft Championship 29 Set to Begin from March 18, 2023: Here are the Participating Teams

Green Geckos

  1. Purpled
  2. GeorgeNotFound
  3. vGumiho
  4. Snifferish

Lime Llamas

  1. PeteZahHutt
  2. KaraCorvus
  3. Seapeekay
  4. Solidarity

Yellow Yaks

  1. CaptainSparklez
  2. CaptainPuffy
  3. Sneegsnag
  4. Fruitberries

Orange Ocelots

  1. Ryguyrocky
  2. Smallishbeans
  3. impulseSV
  4. Ph1LzA

Red Rabbits

  1. 5up
  2. Jack Manifold
  3. Eret
  4. Sapnap

Cyan Coyotes

  1. jojosolos
  2. Ranboo
  3. Smajor
  4. Gee Nelly

Aqua Axolotls

  1. Krtzyy
  2. FalseSymmetry
  3. Cubfan
  4. HBomb94

Blue Bats

  1. Aimsey
  2. FireBreathMan
  3. Elaina_Exe
  4. Shubble

Purple Pandas

  1. Ponk
  2. Michaelmcchill
  3. Foolish Gamers
  4. Punz

Pink Parrots

  1. GoodTimesWithScar
  2. Bekyamon
  3. Tubbo
  4. Antfrost

What is the MCC? Why is it So Important?

These teams have four members in each and are characterized by the colors of each one. The players of each team will compete in a series of mini-games to rack up points. There are many mini-games present at this event like Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, Whack a Fan and more. The type of games will be decided by vote before the teams play each other.

There will be a total of eight total games to determine the two best teams out of this horde of teams. These two teams will compete in the final and one of them will be crowned the champion. There is no prize pool but the popularity of each streamer increases by the rank they get.

In addition, all of the people participating in this event will stream their perspectives on their Twitch channels so make sure you are tuned into your favorite creator’s channel! NoxCrew will also be streaming the event, so you can check it out from their perspective here. 

 Remember, the event begins on 18th March 2023, at 8:00 GMT. Make sure to tune into the Twitch channels of the content creators you are rooting for!

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