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San Marino goalkeeper picks up ball outside his box results in conceding a goal through free-kick

Tanish Chachra

San Marino goalkeeper picks up ball outside his box results in conceding a goal through free-kick

San Marino goalkeeper picks up ball outside his box resulted in conceding a goal from a free-kick after the opposition were awarded the spot-kick.

San Marino were playing against Scotland in the Euro qualifying match, as the International break is upon football season. San Marino were having a tough time losing to Scotland by 5-0.

But it was not enough, as San Marino goalkeeper, Aldo Simoncini made a bizarre blunder, where he picked up the ball outside his 18-yard-box, which resulted in the 6th goal concede in the game.

Simoncini saw the match ball coming towards him during the match and the player kicked the ball upwards to grab it in his hands, even though he was outside the box.

There was no hurry for the San Marino goalkeeper, as no Scottish player was charging towards him. He could have been more observable and could have avoided this mistake.

Although, some fans have argued that the 33-year-old thought the whistle had blown for the downed Scotland player. But that hasn’t stopped a swarm of fans from reacting to the footage on social media.

After Simoncini picked up the ball, it gave Scotland the central position just outside the penalty area. To this, Stuart Armstrong thumps the ball on the top-right corner to make it 6-0 in the dying minutes of the game.

Even though, San Marino lost to Scotland by 6-0, the highlight of the game was this bizarre moment on the field. With this game, Scotland has managed to gain 9 points out of the 8 games played in their qualifying group.

With the remaining last two games, Scotland’s chances for direct qualification are over. Meanwhile, Belgium and Russia have gained direct qualification with 24 and 21 points respectively. Euro 2020 will kick-off next year with no single host nation and rather would be held in several cities in Europe.

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