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Why did Sir Don Bradman ask about Shiv Sena and Vinod Kambli?

Siddharth Nair

Widely considered as the greatest batsman who has ever played the game, Sir Don Bradman has been a source of inspiration for every Aussie player who has ever wanted to play cricket. Other than being a great player he was also known to be a very curious man. But why did Sir Don Bradman ask about Shiv Sena and Vinod Kambli ?

Sir Don famously had a batting average of 99.94 by the end of his playing career which is still the highest by any batsman. He was out on a duck in his final innings against England which is why his average dropped to below 100.


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Bradman was also known to be a very curious man. He took a lot of interest in things apart from cricket which is why he would often speak to the opposing captains about their native country.

One such instance took place in 1978 when Bradman asked Sunil Gavaskar about the Shiv Sena and Vinod Kambli while having dinner in Adelaide. Gavaskar, a proud Maharashtrian himself, was more than happy to share some information much to the delight of the great Aussie.

Also during India’s tour of Australia in 1992, a Kolkata based journalist manged to interview a very eager Bradman who spoke about Tendulkar’s brilliant innings. Bradman was excited about Tendulkar as he saw a lot of potential in the teenager.

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Bradman also enquired about Kambli and was delighted to know that he was included in the 1992 World Cup squad. He was ecstatic when he found out about the 664 run partnership that Kambli and Tendulkar had shared during their school days.

These are small examples which showed that Bradman was a very sharp and curious man who wanted to know things beyond cricket. Clearly an intelligent man, Sir Don Bradman left an inedible mark on the game. And we all thankful for it !

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