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Fousey is enraged and fights his employee, netizens share their thoughts on what could be wrong with Fousey

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Fousey fights with his employee while netizens share their thoughts

Yousef “Fousey” Saleh Erakat is known for his interviews, comedies, and vlogs. He has since become one of the most controversial YouTubers and live streamers to exist and was seen fighting with his own employee in his latest Kick Live stream. 

Fousey has already been banned from the live-streaming platform twice in just a week following a breach of guidelines. The first ban followed after he was seen taking advantage of a drunk lady at the airport, while he was banned a second time for using a phone and driving recklessly while streaming. The current situation shows him enraged and fighting with his employee. 

The online community did not take this lightly. Let’s dive in to see why Fousey was enraged in the clip and how the community reacted to the clip. 

Fousey fights with his employee while netizens share their thoughts on the situation

Fousey confronts one of his colleagues and asks him if he was dumb. The streamer then states that if the employee is slow, he won’t be hiring him. Fousey also adds that he will give him another job, but not this high-performing job, and lets the colleague know that he needs to have a high enough IQ level for this kind of work. 

Moments later, a loud noise plays in the background, enraging Fousey. The streamer asks another person to hold him back because he was going to hit the employee responsible. Fortunately, the person held Fousey back and told the streamer that everything is ok. 

This clip was uploaded, and the community had a lot to say. Some people were convinced that Fousey definitely uses drugs based on the way he is acting. A Redditor even addressed the drug issue and wrote, “He is clearly on something, Don’t do drugs kids”. Subsequently, Reddit user overratedcabbage replied to the comment stating that clout is one hell of a drug while another said that it should be Coke. 

It seems like the community is unwilling to tolerate Fousey’s actions any longer. A Redditor added to the comments claiming the streamer needs to be banned from the sub, while another person suggested that he needs to be exposed so that Kick can ban him from the platform. However, Redditor YoshiPL stated that Avrom “Suspendas” Merlin was never banned, so there is no way Fousey will ever be. 

Some people were rather confused about the situation. They stated that they did not get if Fousey and his colleagues were just joking or if they were serious about the situation. So Redittor Archgrim made sure to include that his colleagues were looking scared of him. 

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