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Paige Lorenze’s Controversial Queen’s Act Set to Benefit ATP Tour the Most; Here’s How

Dhruv Rupani

"Always Working on His Tan": Tommy Paul's Girlfriend Paige Lorenze Teases American Star Ahead of Italian Open 2024

One would have normally expected Tommy Paul to take all the limelight after winning the prestigious Queen’s Club Championship title recently. However, that wasn’t the case as Paul was joined by his glamorous girlfriend, Paige Lorenze when he was being felicitated with the trophy. While they were posing for it, Lorenze was seen grabbing Paul’s neck perhaps to bring it closer to hers, but the act has been slammed widely in the tennis world. And yet, it is the ATP Tour which has gained from it tremendously.

As expected, that Paige Lorenze moment with Tommy Paul went viral on social media. While Lorenze is already known in the United States as well as the fashion and business worlds as a model-cum-businesswoman, she is a social media influencer too with more than 630,000 followers on Instagram alone. On YouTube, she has a page on which she has 231,000 subscribers.

While she does not have an account of X, it is on that platform where the video has gone viral and tennis fans are discussing about Lorenze’s identity and act both.

At the time of writing this report, the Paige Lorenze video bagged a whopping 11.8 million views on X. According to tennis influencer Pavvy G, the video is one of the most-watched of all-time on TennisTV, the ATP Tour’s official social media page for all updates. And there is truth to this claim since even the great Rafael Nadal, whose comeback was hyped in the 2024 season, did not have so much views on X on any of his videos.

The more the views, the more TennisTV gains in a monetary sense due to sponsors being involved. Social media is one of the ways for the ATP Tour to gain revenue. Tommy Paul, who hasn’t been as popular in the United States as compared to his model-girlfriend, is not only now the new American No.1 men’s tennis player but also a savior to the ATP Tour.

Fans had a field day in making fun of Paige Lorenze, as they feel that she is over-possessive about Tommy Paul. There are others who criticised her for trying to take all the attention to herself in that moment. Many also believe that other players never had their wives or girlfriends posing for the trophy on the court.

Paige Lorenze, Tommy Paul Seem Unaffected by the Controversy

While Tommy Paul has become the butt of social media memes and jokes in the tennis world thanks to Paige Lorenze, the couple’s relationship does not seem to have been affected one bit. On Lorenze’s recent streak of Instagram stories, she was seen enjoying playing mini-basketball in the lawn of their apartment in Wimbledon Village in London.

Lorenze is excited for Wimbledon and Paul is in a good space at the moment in both his personal and professional lives. Like any dutiful partner, she also posted snapshots of the dinner she makes for herself and Paul, dating indoors before such a big tournament.

It could be a move from Paige Lorenze to quieten the controversy surrounding them. While Lorenze could be used to criticism on social media, it would be interesting to see how the couple reacts after Wimbledon, if Paul makes it really far in the Grand Slam.

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