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Roger Federer Comes Up With Hilarious Meme on Most ‘Embarrassing Moment’ of His Career

Dhruv Rupani

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Roger Federer can hardly be left out of most tennis discussions. With the 2024 Wimbledon Championships coming up, the tournament’s social media pages thought to have some fun with the 8-time champion. Wimbledon came up with a reel, which dated back to Federer’s 2007 men’s singles title win in which he made a human error regarding his attire.

While Roger Federer was accepting the trophy and lifting it to pose for the cameras, the Swiss legend realised that he put on his stylish white trousers backwards. So as he tried to put his hands in his pockets in order to not show his nervousness while being honored, he realised that it was an oops moment and he was too late to make any change.

Fortunately, Roger Federer pretended as if nothing happened and went about the acceptance ritual in his usual way, with grace and a smile. Wimbledon called this hilarious moment ‘Federer’s fashion faux pas’. But he called it one of the most embarrassing of his career and here is what he had to say about that incident –

“And as I’m walking over, to put my hands in my pockets, I was nervous you know, about the handshake about receiving the trophy.

“I realised as I put my hands in the pocket, it’s not possible. They are going backwards. And I am realising, ‘Oh my God!, I put my pants in the wrong way.

“Anyway I get the trophy, I lift it up. I get up and go, ‘Oh my God’, this is going to look so bad on the pictures!

“But I don’t care and nobody knows. Anyway, it was a classic, funny, the most embarrassing moment, maybe of my tennis career,” Federer was quoted as saying in the video.

When Wimbledon posted this video, Roger Federer not only shared it on his Instagram story but also commented on the same on Instagram. Federer used his creativity to come up with a meme from Nickelodeon’s Jajaja character, which removes his sunglasses to show that he messed up in something.

Tennis lovers noticed that and were left in splits. When Roger Federer makes such a mistake, it is forgiven since he is human too after all who is so lovable. As Federer continues to connect with his fans after retirement via social media, he is one iconic name who still creates a buzz as well as anticipation of what’s next about or from him.

Roger Federer Reveals Next Travel Destination

On his Instagram story recently, Roger Federer shared a video he took presumably while he was seated in a vehicle. Federer was seen passing by the Arc de Tromphe and played a French song, which means that he is currently in Paris.

Although the 2009 French Open champion missed out on watching matches at the Roland Garros this year, he is in the French capital perhaps for his business commitments with Louis Vuitton as well as work regarding On for the upcoming Olympic Games in the city.

It would be interesting to see if Roger Federer stops by at the Wimbledon Championships this year like he did in 2023. Federer is expected to make it due to his friendship with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Rest assured that his presence would once again steal the limelight from the action happening on the courts of SW19, which would begin from July 1.

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