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“Serena Williams Looked Like a Fat Drag Queen!”: Fox Soul Host Slams Hype Over American Legend’s 2024 Met Gala Look

Advait Jajodia

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Serena Williams has been the talk of the tennis world in recent times due to her outfit and overall appearance at the Met Gala 2024. While the 23-time Grand Slam winner’s fans have been complimenting her for the gold Balenciaga gown that she wore, a huge majority of fashion critics seem to have a problem with the same.


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Serena Williams’ Met Gala look was closely inspected by the FOX Soul panel – Claudia Jordan, Armon Wiggins, and Al Reynolds in their latest episode. Before giving their inputs on the same topic, the crew played a clip of a naysayer ripping apart the former World No.1 for her awful wigs, makeup, outfit, and plastic surgery.

“The wigs are always dry they never really complement her skin tone. Her makeup always looks too damn light for her face. Her plastic surgery is unrecognizable. She got these damn fillers in her face… Her wardrobe is always ill-fitted – she never wears anything that compliments her body. I’m tired of it,” the lady in the video said.

Reacting to the passionate rant, Armon Wiggins seemed to agree with all the points made. Wiggins didn’t mince his words while attacking Serena for his physical condition. Further, the musical artist referred to the legend as “masculine”.

“She’s 1000% correct… The wigs, the makeup, the hair… At this point Serena Williams looks like a white drag queen. She looks like a drag queen. She does not look like a woman, she looks like a fat drag queen with these bad wigs, this bad makeup, this ashy skin tone. Like it just doesn’t look good and I wish Serena gets it together because she’s looking more and more masculine each and every time I see her,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins might not like how Serena was dressed up for the glamorous occasion. But, referring to the greatest female athlete ever as a “fat drag queen” is as disrespectful as one can get.

Instead of calling out her co-panel member for his questionable remarks, Claudia Jordan backed Wiggins. However, Jordan didn’t directly take any shots at the 42-year-old. Instead, the actress-model decided to attack Serena’s team for disastrous makeup, hairdo, and outfit. Jordan concluded by implying that Williams’ appearance didn’t match her greatness.

“She is having a makeup artist that is not matching her skin tone. She is having people that are doing her hair that’s not matching her texture or her style… I want her appearance to match her dopeness, to match her accomplishments because I don’t like that too. I hate that she has all this stuff going on and then the story is about her looks right but we cannot ignore that her team is failing,” Claudia said.

It seems extremely unfortunate that Serena is being flamed for a creation that she’s truly proud of.

“It’s truly been an honor to collaborate with the talented Balenciaga team on such a memorable and glamorous piece,” Williams told Vogue.

“This gown represents a collective effort to create something truly extraordinary, and I am immensely proud to be the one to showcase it.”

However, Serena Williams found some support as well on the same show for being a cultural icon till date in the United States and having the courage to be a bold, successful woman of color.

Al Reynolds Defends Serena Williams From Harsh Critics

Unlike his two co-panel members, Al Renyolds didn’t feel the need to criticize Serena Williams. He was quite content in allowing the GOAT to dress up as she desired.

Reynolds began by speaking about how Serena has received unnecessary flake from “white media” all her life. According to the popular investment banker, Williams was scrutinized for the smallest of things.

“Serena grew up with so much hate and criticism from white media, her life has always been under some type of microscope. She is one of our best athletes in history. I refuse to say anything negative about that woman. She’s gone through too much for us to look at her now and have a whole lot to say about her. This is a successful smart black woman who has achieved levels of success that some of us will never even touch or be close to,” he said.

It’s great to hear Al paying his respect to the “global ambassador” and asking others to shower Serena Williams with the love and credit that she fully deserves.

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