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UK Comedian Goes Viral Again With Epic Rafael Nadal Impersonation Featuring Hilarious Fatherhood Advice: WATCH

Aravind Sekhar

UK Comedian Goes Viral Again With Epic Rafael Nadal Impersonation Featuring Hilarious Fatherhood Advice: WATCH

There have been many impersonations of Rafael Nadal on the ATP Tour. But only a few of them have been able to perfect the accent with the tone. Renowned comedian, Josh Berry gave a hilarious take while imitating Nadal in a viral video on X. Tennis Channel posted the video and has already become a hit amongst the fans.

In the video, Berry while doing an impression of Nadal gives the ultimate guide on how to be a fantastic father. He then goes on to explain the importance of teaching a baby how to talk, perhaps referring to Rafa having a young son in real life too. Berry mentions a few sentences to use on different occasions. He even has special dialogues prepared while winning the French Open.

The UK comedian has been known to perfectly imitate the top players in the world. A few months ago, the LTA had posted a video of Berry imitating Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. The video was posted on YouTube and has ever since almost 21k views.

Berry’s dream of doing it in front of his idols came true against Nadal and Murray. In 2014, Babolat posted a video of the comedian standing beside an awestruck Rafael Nadal. Berry got the chance to impersonate the Spaniard himself while standing beside him. Nadal was told to guess the players while Berry started his routine. The former World No.1 was watching him closely and managed to guess Murray’s and Federer’s voices.

As soon as Berry began mimicking him, Nadal burst into laughter and was full of praise for the young comedian’s talents. Both shook hands as Rafael Nadal thanked him for coming and performing.

A few years later, Berry again got a chance to impersonate Murray as the British player joined in the fun. The 36-year-old interviewed himself and asked questions to Berry about his preparation. Murray complimented Berry at the end of the interview and shared a laugh with him.

Berry also performed a parody video of Federer taking a masterclass with Tennis Channel at the start of 2024. His talents amazed the fans, who also noticed the constant flicks of his hair.

During the 2023 Wimbledon finals, Sky Sports invited Berry to showcase his talents once again. On that instance, he impersonated the Big Three along with a surprise addition of John McEnroe. Berry gave a lengthy talk of McEnroe commenting on the current situation of the ATP Tour.

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Aravind Sekhar


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