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Who Are Richard Williams’ 9 Kids & Their Mothers?

Tanmay Roy

Who are Richard Williams' 9 Kids & Their Mothers?

The sports drama ‘King Richard’ depicted the untold story of Richard Williams and his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. It also touched on Richard’s other relationships and children. But at the same time, the biopic simply couldn’t capture everything, especially considering the former coach fathered seven more children. And there’s more.

Serena and Venus Williams are the biological daughters of Richard Williams and his second wife, Oracene Brandy Price. Richard, however, was already the father of 5 children with his first wife, Betty Johnson, before marrying Brandy, as reported by ScreenRant. The children from his first marriage are Sabrina, Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka.

While not much is known about these children, Sabrina Williams has made her presence felt in the media. She was only 8 years old when Richard walked out on her, her siblings, and their mother, which fueled her strong distaste for her father. Sabrina currently works as a hospice chaplain.

Richard Williams also had a son, Chavoita LeSane, from a relationship in the 1970s. Not much is known about that relationship either, but LeSane has made quite the name for himself by becoming the CEO of ChaVam—a Florida-based music production company.

LeSane has become a crowd favorite as an outspoken advocate for his father’s health and for showing support during his father’s long-standing ailment. He has also acted as his father’s prime interpreter and attorney in the divorce case against Richard’s ex-wife, Lakeisha Williams.

The only child left on the list is Richard Williams’ youngest, Dylan Starr Williams. He was born to Lakeisha Graham (now Williams), Richard’s third wife, with whom he has a strained relationship.

The Controversy Surrounding Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham’s Son Dylan Starr Williams

Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham were married for 7 years (2010-2017). In that brief period, they had a son—Dylan Starr Williams. But these are the only positive aspects of their marriage.

For instance, Lakeisha got herself in hot waters after forging Richard Williams’ signature and transferring their family home to her name, which she, according to The Sun, admitted in court. The house, located in Palm Beach, Florida, and valued at $1.4 million, has yet to be returned to Richard.

Furthermore, after the court recently dismissed the divorce settlement, Richard Williams got custody of their son. For his sake, Richard has tried to maintain peace with Lakeisha, but she has time and time again made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

She even alleged neglect and bad treatment towards their son to back up why she sold their 1999 Bluebird Wanderlodge Motor Coach. Richard, of course, denied such allegations.

Their son, Dylan, has now been in the eye of the storm for too long. Richard remains the primary care provider for him, but Lakeisha keeps interfering. His eldest son, Chavoita LeSane, has divulged this information.

“Every time I turn around she’s doing the dumbest stuff. She comes to the house, she uses Junior as a pawn and then he’ll [Richard] end up giving her his card or something,” said LeSane to The Sun.

As the court finally closes the case, it will be intriguing to see how Dylan Starr Williams is taken care of from here on. And considering roller-coaster stories like these, perhaps we are due for another movie.

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