The ‘big-seven’ coalition: Arsenal, Man Utd worked on creating private league – Reports

Rishabh Gupta
|Published 03/11/2018

Arsenal and Manchester United were allegedly involved in the ‘big-seven’ coalition, which worked behind UEFA’s back to create a private league.

Football Leaks have made some explosive revelations in the last 24 hours. Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain, the two top European sides, have been allegedly involved in financial fraud, with top UEFA officials working for the clubs to dodge past the Financial Fairplay Regulations (FFP).

Both the clubs have been accused of injecting billions of money through overvalued sponsorship deals and shareholders’ wealth.

Der Spiegel has now made another revelation, which includes a formation of an ‘elite’ private league. Seven top European clubs have been allegedly working behind UEFA’s back to create a private Super League.

Two Premier League clubs are also included in the list, according to the German weekly.

The ‘big-seven’ coalition:

The German publishing house claims that Bayern Munich spend a significant amount of time working on the plans to create a private league among the European elites.

The report also stated that the German side planned to leave the Bundesliga and create a private league, which would also mark the end of the Champions League.

According to the document, the league was scheduled to begin from 2021, and a total of 16 clubs were to sign a document which would confirm their participation. While Bayern Munich are seen as the chief architect for such a league, major European clubs are allegedly involved.

The report suggests that Arsenal and Manchester United are the part of the ‘big seven’ coalition, which also includes Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan. Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City and Liverpool further complete the 11 founding members of the alleged Super League, which would allow them immunity from relegation.

In addition, there were five ‘initial guests’ for the first season as well – Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Olympique Marseille, AS Roma and Inter Milan.

The project, according to the document referred by Der Spiegel, has been conducted in utmost secrecy, with all the 16 teams confirming their participation in the league this month.

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