A UFC Lightweight Title Contender Once Called Out Elon Musk in Front of Joe Rogan Only to Find Out He’s a UFC Boss!

Supriyo Chatterji
|Published 19/10/2022

A leading UFC lightweight contender once called out Elon Musk in the Octagon. Here’s what happened after!

Beneil Dariush is not just one of the top Lightweight title contenders in UFC. He is also a family guy with a colorful imagination. And Dariush showed UFC fans exactly that after his UD win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 262.

When asked by Joe Rogan about his win, Dariush first launched into an almost mock-sympathetic statement on “Marxist ideologies.”

Then, on a completely different tangent and called out Elon Musk and asked him where his car was. He revealed that he’d been waiting for half a year and needed the car to protect his daughter.

Clearly, Dariush went a little left field with his post-fight interview comments and left many fans in the dark. But Dariush himself was unaware of a very startling fact that he found out at the post-fight presser.


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Beneil Dariush Finds Out Elon Musk is His Boss!

In the post-fight press conference held after UFC 262, a press attendee asked Dariush why he called out Elon Musk. Dariush explained,

“December, I ordered my car. Bro, I ordered the safest car they told me, It’s the best car for my pregnant wife and I’m still waiting.

“Elon bro,” Dariush continued. “What’s the deal here? You told me March. We are coming up in June. I want my car. Come on bud this is disrespect.”

After Dariush was done, another press attendee asked if he was aware that Musk was his boss.

Dariush recoiled with a surprised “Excuse me?”

The journalist explained that the billionaire was a new member of the board of Endeavor.

However, Daruish expressed no regret saying –

“I’m sorry but I am not sorry Elon. I’m sticking with what I said.” He jokingly added, “It’s Mr. Musk now, Not Elon.”

Did Elon Musk Takeover the UFC?

Elon Musk did get onboard the Endeavour, an LA-based sports and entertainment conglomerate. However, after a year, he left the board. Endeavor was the only non-tech company Musk was part of.

It owns the National Hockey League and the National Football League as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the Miss Universe pageant.

The company made an SEC filing on March 12 announcing Musk’s resignation and stating his tenure ended on June 30.

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