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“That’s F**king Stupid”: UFC Analyst Claps Back at People Who Are Ruling Out ‘Cerebral Smart Fighter’ Israel Adesanya Against Alex Pereira at UFC 281

Afnan Chougle

Israel Adesanya, the current UFC middleweight champion, is one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts. The former Glory Kickboxing champion has defeated almost every top contender in the middleweight roster of UFC. Furthermore, he is undefeated in the 185lbs division.

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However, due to his previous setbacks from the Glory kickboxing days, many fans are counting out ‘The Last Stylebender’ against former dual-weight Glory Kickboxing champion Alex Pereira. But a former UFC heavyweight fighter doesn’t fall under this bracket.

Brendan Schaub claps back at the doubters of Israel Adesanya

‘The Last Stylebender’ has defended his title five successful times in the promotion. Next, Izzy is going to face a former opponent, Alex Pereira, who has defeated him twice, once via a knockout during their Glory Kickboxing days.

For this reason, many believe Pereira can be a threat to Izzy’s title reign and legacy. However, former UFC fighter and now combat sports analyst Brendan Schaub has a different opinion on the same.

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In one of his recent YouTube videos, Schaub said, “All you guys are buying the narrative that Izzy’s just gonna get knocked out again. That’s f**king stupid.” 

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Further on, he also explained that fighting for years now has drastically improved Adesanya’s skills. “Izzy is a very cerebral smart fighter, has too much to risk to go out there and play Texas shoot’em with a fricking guy like Pereira,” Schaub said.

The former fighter also added that it won’t be a walk in the park for Pereira, as people think, to face Izzy. Schaub was of the opinion that ‘Poatan’ will have to land an extraordinary shot to defeat Izzy.

Alex Pereira received a UFC title shot just after three wins

The Brazilian mixed martial artist made his UFC debut in 2021 with a stunning second-round knockout victory. Later, in 2022, ‘Poatan’ competed in two UFC bouts and won both.

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Now, just after three wins, he will fight for the UFC middleweight gold, which is a bit rare thing in the UFC. Therefore, Pereira will have a lot on his shoulders going into the fight. A victory will rank him among the greatest of the division. However, a setback will force him into the division’s shadowy regions.

Are you guys excited about this fight? Who do you guys think will win?

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Afnan Chougle

Afnan Chougle


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