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Belal Muhammad Promises Dana White & Co. Favor by Dethroning Leon Edwards at UFC 304

Kishore R

Belal Muhammad Promises Dana White & Co. Favor by Dethroning Leon Edwards at UFC 304

Ahead of his title fight against Leon Edwards, Belal Muhammad had taken a vow to do a favor for the entire MMA community, including Dana White. The #1 WW title contender wants to dismantle Leon Edwards and take his title.

Muhammad (23-3 MMA, 14-3 UFC) will get a crack at the WW title after an unusually long wait when the cage closes behind him at UFC 304 in Manchester. Naturally, the fight promotions have begun and the first swing has come from the unsuspecting Muhammad.

Speaking to MMA Junkie’s Farah Hannoun, the American doubled down on his insults against Edwards. Deeming, the champion “stupid” and “awkward” Muhammad said that on July 27 he would do the UFC and the fans a favor.

The UFC trying to hype up a guy that doesn’t hype up himself. Right? Nobody hears about Leon, he doesn’t talk. He comes on a podcast once every three months and he like whispers nobody can understand what he’s saying. He looks stupid he doesn’t have confidence, he’s awkward, he’s weird.”

Well, damn Belal! Please tell us what you really think! Well, actually he did-

“And I think I’m gonna do everyone a favor on July 27th after I beat him we’re gonna be done we don’t have to hear about him no more. The UFC doesn’t have to promote him no more because he’s not going to be a champion so then he’ll be forced to do stuff himself.”

Muhammad is not playing around. This is him coming for Edwards and he is letting the war drums beat to the music of his march. This will be the American’s first title shot after going 14-3 in the organization. He heads into the fight with the momentum of 9 wins and has all the skills in his arsenal against a striker like Edwards.

While he had to wait for the UFC to match him up for 14 months, a rematch with Edwards after the first ended after an eye poke, seems like a bit of a destiny actualizing for Belal.

So, in the build-up, Muhammad is coming out swinging. In fact, he recently posted a clip to troll the champion by using a Jorge Masvidal quote.

Muhammad rips into Leon Edwards for humiliating workout video

Belal retweeted an embarrassing video of Leon Edwards getting decked during his workouts. Don’t fret, the champ wasn’t rocked by a sparring partner getting too gutsy.  He hit himself when he fumbled during a sled push and discovered gravity.

The opportunity was right there and Belal would have been foolish not to indulge. To be fair, compared to his other colleagues in the UFC, he has been rather rational and logical about his insults and has managed to keep it strictly professional. Kudos to Abdullah and Maha Muhammad for raising a good man!

But he still has an itch to scratch with Leon and he’s throwing everything in the vicinity at the Brit. This particular video saw him quote Jorge Masvidal. For the uninitiated,  ‘Gamebred’ and Edwards had a backstage altercation with Masvidal delivering a quick barrage of punches that later he termed – “3 piece and a soda”. 

Whether Muhammad too sends Edwards home on July 27 with a ‘3 piece and a soda’ is to be seen but as of right now… boys, we have a fight on our hands!

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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