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“Britney Spears of MMA”: Ronda Rousey Admits ‘Fear of Getting Booed’ Keeps Her From UFC Events, Fans React

Kishore R

“Britney Spears of MMA”: Ronda Rousey Admits ‘Fear of Getting Booed’ Keeps Her From UFC Events, Fans React

Ronda Rousey, arguably UFC’s biggest female superstar, faced a sharp downfall after Holly Holms picked apart the Olympic Judoka to hand her first loss. While most were stunned to see Rousey get brutally bludgeoned, it was her post-fight theatrics that kept the fans from welcoming her back.

Now eight years after her final bout in the UFC, Rousey has finally revealed why she was reluctant to return to the octagon, and guess what? The fans are out for blood, brutally criticizing her for her cheap theatrics! Speaking on the High-Performance podcast, the former fighter got candid and said with a heavy heart,

“Everything that could be said that was negative was said, and I feel really vilified by MMA media at this point and I’m not really welcome back, which is why I haven’t gone to a UFC fight since because I’m pretty sure if I walked into the arena, I’d be booed. Yeah, that’s how it feels.”

However, the fans were having none of it, as instead of consoling the fighter or welcoming her back, they doubled down and brutalized her again with mean comments, as one wrote,

Consequences of her own actions.” 

At the same time, another user got in a pop reference mentioning Rousey’s blatant ignorance,

So Ronda doesn’t like the consequences of her own actions? Typical primadonna fashion.” 

Likewise, a commenter got in another dig at the now-WWE star, delivering a brutal burn,

Britney Spears of MMA. lol.” 

Meanwhile, another X user mercilessly bashed Rousey with a comment,

This is screaming “I’m pretending to be aware so you guys can forgive me.”

Moreover, even though the former UFC fighter was apologetic, netizens were not having any of it and they quickly dispatched her with cold comments like,

Though Rousey blames the media and the detractors for her reluctance, one key aspect to note here is her unceremonious exit from the organization and her unfactual claims of being the “greatest fighter of all time.”

Ronda Rousey’s brutal fall from grace

Despite being one of the biggest superstars of the sport, Ronda ‘Rowdy’ Rousey’s UFC career went off the rails just like that. Her bantamweight title, 12-fight winning streak and six title defenses were all taken away from her when veteran kickboxer Holly Holms brutalized her, crushing her spirit and ego with a thunderous head kick. This left Rousey in a dark place. The fighter even refused to meet the press and share her thoughts after the loss.

Nevertheless, Rousey eventually recovered and returned to the octagon to take on ‘The Lioness’ Amanda Nunes. Unfortunately, this would later turn out to be her last bout as Nunes made quick work of the judoka, humiliating the ex-champ.

In effect, despite her world-class takedown skills courtesy of her Judo background, Rousey’s kryptonite was clearly an agile striker. Besides, to make matters even worse, she rarely credited her opponents and her ignorance of lauding herself as the ‘GOAT’ drove fans further away.

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