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Charles Oliveira Open to Welterweight Fight Against Colby Covington: “It Makes Sense”

Kishore R

Charles Oliveira Open to Welterweight Fight Against Colby Covington: “It Makes Sense”

Colby Covington has said so much crap about Ian Garry’s wife that one would assume he wanted to fight the Irishman. In fact, he said so himself. But now it would appear he is eyeing bigger fish in Charles Oliveira.

And guess what? The Brazilian has taken the challenge like he was eating a donut for breakfast; with a smile on his face.

In a recent interview backstage at last weekend’s Fight Night, Oliveira cleared the air and spoke his mind about a potential WW clash against the ‘Chaos’ He said,

It’s not just what Charles thinks, it’s about what the UFC thinks about it. Colby is a talkative guy, he’s a guy who talks a lot, so let’s see. Why not? For sure, if it makes sense, if its something good for me, why not?” 

Revealing his conversation with former UFC fighter Diego Lima, the 34-year-old also said it was about values and legacies. And more importantly, it’s what the UFC thinks the fight. Wearing a smile as usual, ‘De Bronx‘ revealed his stance, opening the door for a possible fight against Covington.

Oliveira has already talked aboooutt moving up the division in search of potential opponents. Now it appears, that Covington is the first to respond.

While the American seems to call the shots, refusing to fight Garry and calling out Oliveira, UFC veteran Daniel Cormier feels like Covington needs to calm down and take a step back.

Daniel Cormier issues a piece of solid advice to Colby Covington

For one, Covington is in a precarious position coming off of a loss against champion Leon Edwards. And the fighter definitely needs a win to up his stocks before he talks his way into a fight. However, Covington is not slowing down. In fact, like a fish out of water, he’s been thrashing around, calling out anyone who would fight him.

In his latest exclusive with Submission Radio,  he took a dig at #1 WW contender Belal Muhammad and called out Oliveria while he turned down the challenge from Garry.

Reflecting on this, DC took to his YouTube channel, and said,

“Colby can’t say or try to determine who gets a title fight right now because of the way he lost to Leon Edwards and the way he fought. It seems like he’s unwilling to fight Ian Garry. I think he should maybe step back and just not really say much at all until another fight comes his way. I don’t know what the hesitance is to fighting Ian Garry for Colby Covington.” 

Furthermore, Cormier points out that Covington needs to be wary of his current situation and be practical before running his mouth. After all, he got multiple title shots which he couldn’t capitalize on, losing twice to the then-champion Kamaru Usman and Edwards in his last bout.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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