Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler Date: A Potential Time Line for the Fight

Swapnil Rajwade
|Published March 20, 2023

The Ultimate Fighter season 31 is going on in full swing. Recently, Dana White in a press conference said that things got heated up between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor. He also added that there were some things that happened which shouldn’t have happened. The suspense will reveal itself when the show airs. The fight might take place at 170 as both the fighters would not like to cut a lot of weight. The question fans have is what is the potential timeline for Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler fight.

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor both have had their last losses inside the octagon against Dustin Poirier.

Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler: Potential Timeline

As the show goes on, the timeline for the fight between the coaches is still up in the air. Usually when TUF season finale is completed, the coaches fight. This season the case would be a bit different as the date for the fight cannot be fixed right away.

Conor McGregor will be returning to the octagon after surgery on his leg. As we all know, ‘The Notorious’ broke his leg during his last fight against Dustin Poirier and the recovery is difficult. One has to take all kinds of medicines to recover from such a horrifying injury.

The only problem with that could be USADA. The drug testing policy in UFC is strict and all thanks to USADA, fighters have started looking different from before. The rule to compete is that the fighter should be in the USADA pool for at least 6 months. The same was the case with Henry Cejudo when he expressed his interest in returning to the octagon.

“I don’t even know when he is going to fight yet, and his next fight definietly wont be in Ireland”- Dana White at UFC 286 Press conference about Conor McGregor.

United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA) tried to give some leeway to Conor McGregor, but they then reversed it saying that it would be unfair to other fighters in the UFC. Conor McGregor has had his back and forth with USADA over twitter.

He even tried to ban USADA saying that their time here will also be done, to which Dana White laughed upon and moved on.  Once these things are sorted, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will be able to fight. Going by the rules, it would be 6 months from the day McGregor enters the USADA pool.

Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler: Winner gets the title shot?

As the fight is likely to happen at 170, the predictions would be that if Conor McGregor wins the fight and demands for a title shot, neither the UFC nor the 170-pound champ is going to say no. Leon Edwards in his recent post-fight press conference said that anybody can get the title shot.

However, if Michael Chandler wins the fight, it would be interesting to see what UFC does with him. From the time he has entered the UFC, he has been a yes man to the company. The details are yet to be figured out as the excitement for this rises day by day.

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All these things would be a part of conversation if the fight takes place at 170. If the organization decides to make them fight at 155 then the whole picture changes. Whoever would be the champ at 155 or 170 would be closely looking at the fight and hoping to get a red panty night for themselves.

When do you think will these two fight?

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