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Dana White Challenges NBA and NFL Production Standards with ‘Power Slap’ Venture

Kishore R

Dana White Challenges NBA and NFL Production Standards with ‘Power Slap’ Venture

UFC President Dan White just poked the bear. Promoting his Power Slap venture, he has major league sporting organizations including the NBA, NFL, and MLB to keep up with his brainchild.

White, recently in his conversation with Peter Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco on The Pete and Sebastian showed off its superior production values. Elevating his promotion on the platform, he said,

I’ll tell you this if you’ve ever watched one of the slap events on television, I’d love to see the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball (MLB)  any of the majors you know 5 or 6 shows in and have the production quality that we have. We have more cameras than the NFL does when we shoot slap and there’s like 34 different angles of the slap and then we put them all out on social media. I’m talking about hundreds of millions of views these things do, it’s incredible.” 

As the UFC president reveals, the promotion has more cameras than the NFL, covering all the nitty gritty for fans around the world. From state-of-the-art slow-motion cameras that capture visuals at thousand frames per second to multiple cameras at various angles, the production quality of PowerSlap is truly up there with the best.

In fact, as per the UFC  head, with just five to six shows under their belt, it is making major waves in the community with thousands of millions of fans liking the content.

Emboldened by it, White is now making serious assertions, even saying that the budding promotion will soon thump behemoths like MLB in terms of popularity considering its growing fanbase.

Dana White’s bold prediction of PowerSlap surpassing the MLB

While most traditionalists and hardcore MMA fanatics dismiss the new promotion as just a gimmick, White is not giving up his ground. He is a firm believer that it is the future and envisions it passing juggernauts like MLB in terms of numbers.

This thing already has 13M, its bigger than the NHL, its bigger than PGA, NASCAR. We’re about to pass MLB as far as numbers go and when you talk about numbers on views on this thing take every sport on this earth combine all their numbers together and multiply it by 4 PowerSlap beats it, isn’t that fascinating?” 

While the UFC president himself has 20 million followers on X, the newly formed PowerSlap already has 13 million and showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, White even goes on to say that it is already bigger than Golf and NASCAR and soon will trounce MLB in sheer numbers.

But is it just a case of overzealousness or is it Dana just manifesting?

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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