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Dana White Envisions Power Slap to ‘Evolve’ Like UFC With Dedicated Training Institutes in Coming Years

Kevin Binoy

Dana White Envisions Power Slap to ‘Evolve’ Like UFC With Dedicated Training Institutes in Coming Years

After his unprecedented success with the UFC, Dana White now wants to replicate it with Powerslap. The slap-fighting promotion is the latest venture that White is pouring his time and money into as he reveals big plans ahead for the promotion and its fighters.

According to White, his investment in PowerSlap has already paid off big time. The UFC head honcho insists that PowerSlap is one of the biggest sports on social media and generates numbers that far exceed the likes of the NFL, NHL, NBA, and others.

White recently joined a podcast with ‘Sebastian Maniscalco’ where he revealed is plans for what’s next in the sport.

“Yeah so these guys are actually starting to figure out how to train properly. We have a performance institute here in Vegas for the UFC. We actually bring these guys through. They work on neck strength, the power and velocity of a slap and things like this. Just like the UFC it will become more technical and the training it will evolve over the next couple of years.”

The UFC Performance Institute is a state-of-the-art facility that helps fighters with training, nutrition, rehabilitation, and recovery. With the growth of PowerSlapand and the new TKO deal, Dana White aims to combine it with the UFC and WWE.

Dana White’s grand plans involving the UFC, PowerSlap and WWE

Following the acquisition by TKO, the UFC and WWE are now under one umbrella. This means that the two giants in their respective sports will now be working more closely rather than be in competition with each other. So it won’t be naive to expect a weekend where PowerSlap, UFC, and WWE will all have events lined up one after another.

Don’t take our word for it, take Dana’s.

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The 54-year-old stated that an action-packed weekend will kick off with PowerSlap on Friday, followed by UFC on Saturday, and then WWE on Sunday. While White did not provide an exact timeline, but given that there are already weekends where UFC and PowerSlap converge, the addition of WWE should not be very far away.

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