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Daniel Cormier Let Down by Chael Sonnen Keeping Anderson Silva Boxing Match Secret Despite 30-Years Friendship

Souvik Roy

Daniel Cormier Let Down by Chael Sonnen Keeping Anderson Silva Boxing Match Secret Despite 30-Years Friendship

Daniel Cormier has accused Good Guy/Bad Guy co-host Chael Sonnen of betraying their 30-year-old friendship. Sonnen is all set to take on Anderson Silva in a boxing fight in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the latter’s final match in Brazil. Of course, it was a secret to us. Unfortunately to DC, it was a secret to him as well.

Sonnen was one of the few UFC athletes who proved a real threat to ‘The Spider’s’ middleweight title reign. However, Silva eventually managed to get the better of Sonnen in both their fights at UFC 117 and UFC 148. Still, their rivalry remains one of the most heated in UFC history.

This is probably why the German alcoholic beverage company, ‘Spaten’ chose to bank on the Silva-Sonnen rivalry once again by organizing an encounter between the two on 15 July. But Cormier was disappointed since a 30-year-old friend like Sonnen didn’t bother to inform him about his next venture. He said,

I guess Chael, we have not got there yet. When I say there, I mean true friendship. Because I had to find out on the internet [about your boxing match against Silva].”

Well, ‘DC’s may be disappointed with Sonnen’s approach currently. But that won’t stop other fans from desiring to know more about the coveted encounter between these two.

Streaming, Venue, and other details for Silva vs. Sonnen boxing match

Ariel Helwani has just updated audiences with the details of the fight following its announcement. Allow us to break it down for you.

Sao Paulo, Brazil is Silva’s hometown, so you would imagine a huge crowd, right? But that’s not the case. All the attendees will need to be invited to the event, which has a capacity of holding only 600 people. But just 600 for Silva’s last match?

Well, contrary to popular belief, this won’t be his last match. Helwani debunked all those reports, revealing that ‘The Spider’s’ encounter against Sonnen would be his last fight in Brazil and not his retirement fight.

Meanwhile, the authorities had elected that the ex-UFC stars would fight as heavyweights (98 kg/ 216 lbs). So, this will be a heavyweight fight between the giants of mixed martial arts.

Some might argue that a long boxing fight might not be a great idea for two fighters who retired years ago. But this will be a five, 2-min round encounter that won’t take much of a toll on the cardio of the ex-UFC stars. So it will be fun to watch. But where to watch it?

Well, you have to get a flight ticket to Brazil first and then take a ‘Globo’ subscription. It’s the official streaming partner for the fight and is only available in Brazil.

Now, coming back to the original point of contention, DC doesn’t need to be that disappointed. Nobody knows whether Cormier is on that list of 600 special invitees or not. But he might be. Chael might come through. You never know.

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