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Daniel Cormier Raises Doubts Over Michael Chandler’s Expectations for Conor McGregor Fight Payday

Souvik Roy

Daniel Cormier Raises Doubts Over Michael Chandler's Expectations for Conor McGregor Fight Payday

Conor McGregor’s scheduled opponent, Michael Chandler, had been eagerly anticipating their fight from the sidelines for almost a year. Consequently, Daniel Cormier expressed doubts about whether the payday from the McGregor fight would be enough to compensate for Chandler’s financial losses that he might have suffered during the wait. ‘DC’ was joined by former UFC welterweight Ben Askren in his latest YouTube video, where the two discussed various topics, including this one.

Cormier opined that Chandler could’ve taken to the octagon “two to three times” if he chose not to wait for the McGregor fight. His popularity in the UFC also indicates that he could’ve pocketed a sumptuous amount of money from the organization. Owing to this, Cormier mentioned that Chandler will now need to make “three times” his regular amount from the McGregor fight to cover his lost chances of making money.

Cormier, however, doubted if the case would be the same. He said,

He [Chandler] could’ve fought two to three times by the time this fight takes place. Is he going to make three times the money [from the McGregor fight]? He was sitting on the shelf for so long that he was missing money.”

The situation regarding the fight has developed a bit for Chandler. When Conor McGregor first announced his return date, there were doubts surrounding whether it was legitimate. Now, it turns out that the Irishman was not joking.

When is Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler?

2024 started with a ray of hope for all the aficionados of the McGregor vs. Chandler scrap. ‘The Notorious One’ revealed that he would make his UFC comeback on 29th June this year. However, subsequent interviews with him revealed that he had put a break on his training camps due to the promotional ventures of his Hollywood-debut movie, ‘Road House’.


These interviews sparked several discussions within the UFC community, with numerous reports saying that McGregor may fail his given timeline. However, the UFC authorities recently confirmed that McGregor will return at UFC 303 scheduled for 29 June. It’s quite apparent that 29 June will also come with an answer to Cormier’s doubt about Chandler’s payday from the fight.

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