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Despite $40,000,00 Revenue Gap With WWE, UFC Reigns Supreme on Forbes’ Most Valuable Combat Sports Promotion of 2024, Fans React

Souvik Roy

Despite $40,000,00 Revenue Gap With WWE, UFC Reigns Supreme on Forbes’ Most Valuable Combat Sports Promotion of 2024, Fans React

The WWE has been in the combat sports scenario for a longer time than the UFC. The Vince McMahon-headed organization began its operations as the WWF back in 1979 as compared to the UFC inauguration in 1993. But a recent report from Forbes counted the Dana White-led MMA promotion as the ‘most valuable combat sports promotion’ as of 2024.

The rankings may be a bit confusing for some since the report showcased that WWE’s revenues still ahead of the UFC by about $40M. However, the UFC’s current value of $11.3B may have formed a strong case for its place over the WWE, who were said to have an estimated value of $6.8B. The combat sports covering ‘X’ account, ‘Parry Punch’ also highlighted the same list through an update.

Apart from garnering a plethora of reactions, numerous fans also expressed their views about the list in the comments section of ‘Parry Punch’s’ update. A few fans pointed out that the UFC provides meager remunerations despite earning healthy revenues, some neglected the WWE as a combat sports promotion, while others had their own talking points.

One of the comments read, “And they still can’t pay their fighters decent money, lmao”

Another fan shared the previous one’s opinion writing, “And UFC pays the least”

Another one chose to aim at the WWE. He wrote, “Lmao, WWE “combat sport”. CM Punk ruined that for everyone.”

He also found a compatriot as one more fan wrote, “I don’t think WWE & AEW are combat sports”

Another follower took a completely different way. He wrote, “Dang, I thought PFL had it this year”

Well, the fans may have different points to talk about after knowing about this list. But the former WWE head honcho, Vince McMahon may not be too pleased after knowing about their position.

UFC boss Dana White has labeled Vince McMahon as a competitive maniac

Back in the day, a collaboration between the WWE and the UFC seemed to be close to impossible. However, the combat sports community was shocked to witness a merger between these two noted organizations in September 2023. The UFC CEO, Dana White has also revealed multiple instances which describe why the UFC-WWE merger was a shock to the combat sports community.

In one of his interviews, White disclosed that McMahon had offered him a fight against himself, just because former WWE CEO  disliked White. This is why Dana labeled him a “competitive maniac”. Hence, in White’s own words, this report from ‘Forbes’ might make McMahon want to “kick his a*s” once more, but that probably won’t happen since they both are under the same roof, at ‘TKO Holdings’.

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