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“Elon Musk AI Knows”: UFC’s Paulo Costa ‘Spills the Beans’ on His Popular Drink Using AI, Fans React

Allan Binoy

“Elon Musk AI Knows”: UFC’s Paulo Costa ‘Spills the Beans’ on His Popular Drink Using AI, Fans React

Paulo Costa used Elon Musk’s new AI tool to finally reveal the secret behind his Secret Juice. Following a number of PED accusations and an inhumane amount of VADA tests, Costa bought into the accusations claiming he takes a ‘Secret Juice’. Now he has used Elon Musk’s AI to further the secret of his secret juice.

Costa has never revealed the ingredients of his infamous concoction but claims it is what gives him his physique and is the reason why people think he is on PEDs. But how does any of this connect to AI? Well…

Elon Musk released the Grok AI as a direct response to ChatGPT. As with all things Musk, it is no ordinary AI, the X CEO claims it has a sense of humor. To be fair, he also claims that about himself but then we had to endure him on SNL.

Regardless, Costa asked the AI what Secret Juice was and it gave him a very detailed answer, which he then posted on Instagram.

“Elon Musk AI knows Secret Juice”



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Grok AI’s description of Secret Juice impressed the Brazilian fighter. He now believes the AI tool knows what his concoction is. So is it a joke, or is it an actual secret juice?

The answer is, it’s Paulo Costa. Either all of it is a joke or none of it is. However, there are others in the UFC community who swear by this product, despite Costa never officially releasing it.

Helen Yee swears by Secret Juice claiming it boosts performance, asks for more

There are not a lot of people outside the UFC community who have tried the ‘Secret Juice’ by Paulo Costa. Helen Yee is one exception as the Brazilian gave the sports writer some.

Yee retweeted the Grok AI response of Secret Juice, claiming it worked wonders for her.

“Last month before I competed, I drank Secret Juice and went my best time. Today, no secret juice and did not go my best time @BorrachinhaMMA can I get some @SecretJuiceArmy before my next swim competition next month plz and thank you”

Helen Yee claims that she swam her best time during a competition after drinking secret juice. Whether this is because of a placebo effect, or whether it is the direct result of having the concoction, we do not know.

But one can imagine if such a juice existed in Brazil, would Chael Sonnen try and steal it when he goes to Sao Paulo for Anderson Silva’s last match in Brazil? Maybe the ‘Bad Guy’ will unveil the truth to us, after he finds the horse that actually looks like a bus and apologizes to the Nogueira brothers.

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