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EXCLUSIVE: Merle Christine Places Alex Pereira’s Title Win Against Israel Adesanya in Top 3 UFC Moments

Souvik Roy

EXCLUSIVE: Merle Christine Places Alex Pereira’s Title Win Against Israel Adesanya in Top 3 UFC Moments

The renowned UFC persona, Merle Christine, has rubbed shoulders with several top-tier UFC athletes and personalities. However, the impressive in-octagon skills of the current UFC light heavyweight champ, Alex Pereira, seem to have impressed her a lot. The German-born combat sports presenter recently appeared in an exclusive interview with The SportsRush, where she counted one of ‘Poatan’s’ achievements among her top 3 UFC moments.

In the interview, Merle revealed that she got into the affairs of the UFC after starting to work as Pereira’s social media, branding and marketing manager. This is probably why she was delighted to see her Brazilian client achieve a UFC championship. It was Pereira’s UFC 281 middleweight title victory against Israel Adesanya, which Merle rated among her top 3 UFC moments.

However, she also gave out some valid justifications on why Pereira’s UFC 281 victory enthralled her. Most fans may remember that Adesanya landed a heavy right hook on the Brazilian during the ending seconds of the first round in their fight. Many fans, including Merle, felt that a few more seconds on the clock could’ve resulted in Pereira’s defeat.

This is why the moment of Pereira’s UFC 281 victory defeating all such odds got embarked on her mind. She included ‘Poatan’s’ UFC 281 victory into her top 3 UFC moments, saying,

“One of the nicest moments was when Alex Pereira won his first belt against Israel Adesanya, because it looked like he was losing. So winning it in the fifth round was amazing”.

However, the other UFC moments that Merle counted among her top 3 revealed that she has an active interest in knowing more about the women in the UFC. She elected her meetup with one of the brightest female UFC stars of the current roster among her top 3 UFC moments as well.

Merle Christine revealed she views Valentina Shevchenko as ‘The Perfect Woman’

There’s no reason to doubt that modern era women can excel in almost every field of work. Several UFC fans and pundits have labeled Valentina Shevchenko as the embodiment of such a modern day woman who excels in almost every field she has ever been into. Merle’s words in the interview revealed that she too has a similar opinion about ‘Bullet’.

For the uninitiated, Shevchenko is a skilled dancer, having won a Peruvian reality show, ‘Combate’. Shevchenko is a trained firearm expert, competing in pistol shooting competitions all over the globe. To top it all, the 36-year-old also displayed her acting skills in the Netflix exclusive film, ‘Bruised’.

The ‘Fightology’ host didn’t present her top 3 UFC moments in any definite order. But it was her meetup with Shevchenko, which came up as the initial choice for her top 3 UFC moments. Like lots of other fans, Merle revealed that she too admired Shevchenko’s persona and skills. But she also named Shevchenko ‘The Perfect Woman’, which itself bears testimony to her admiration for ‘Bullet’.

Lots of UFC fans, including Merle, will probably be hoping to watch more women like Shevchenko take to the octagon and showcased their mettle in the UFC.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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Souvik Roy


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