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‘Funny Guy’ Travis Scott Charms UFC CEO Dana White in Their First Meeting at Power Slap 6

Allan Binoy

‘Funny Guy’ Travis Scott Charms UFC CEO Dana White in Their First Meeting at Power Slap 6

Travis Scott Dana White
Credits: Imago

Dana White finally got to meet Travis Scott, and he was more than impressed. The UFC president has always stated that he is a big fan of the rapper and always wears his shoes. Well, this weekend, ‘La Flame’ was in Las Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend and White invited him to the Power Slap 6 event. The pair watched the entire event right next to the stage and seemed to be having a good time. In the press conference, White spoke about the interaction in a video uploaded to X.

Dana White is a huge sneakerhead and has an extensive collection of sneakers. One of his favorite shoes is Travis Scotts’. He claims to have many of them in his collection.

During the post-fight press conference of Power Slap 6, he spoke about meeting Scott:

“Believe it or not I love Travis Scotts’ I have like 300 hundred pairs of them and this is the first night we ever met. Thank god he’s really cool and funny and everything else.”

Dana White praised Travis Scott for being cool and hilarious. He was thankful for it because if he disliked him, he would have to go home and burn all his Travis Scott shoes. However, Travis Scott was not the only celebrity to show up at the PowerSlap 6 event.

Dana White praises Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, and Adin Ross at the Power Slap 6 event

Dana White invited a host of different celebrities, influencers, and fighters to the Power Slap 6 events in Las Vegas. Among them were three of the biggest streamers.

Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, and Adin Ross are three of the biggest streamers in the world and during the press conference, White praised them, saying:

“The most powerful people on the internet were in this room tonight that most of you don’t even know. Kai and Speed and Adin Ross are the three biggest streamers in the world and they were in there tonight streaming.”

Dana White brought all these people together to market Power Slap and get as many eyes on it as possible. Brining Kai, Speed, and Adin Ross meant bringing along their millions of viewers. It will now be interesting to see whether the promotion becomes as popular as the UFC or not.

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