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“Gotta Man Up and Train”: Sean Strickland Suffers Leg and Arm Injuries in Bike Stunt, Fans Voice Worry

Allan Binoy

“Gotta Man Up and Train”: Sean Strickland Suffers Leg and Arm Injuries in Bike Stunt, Fans Voice Worry

Well, it finally happened, the day that UFC fans were dreading; the moment Sean Strickland revealed his affection for bikes. The former middleweight champ has crashed while riding his bike and injured himself.

Streakland was attempting a wheelie on an open road (insert Thor of course GIF) when he went past the balancing point and ended up flipping his bike over. The damage was not just to his hand and legs, he ended up damaging his bike as well.

Informing fans about the accident, Strickland said,

“I’m the idiot, I flipped my bike, gotta man up and train”

True to his blue blooded roots, despite injuring himself, Strickland still wants to train but fans are now worried for his health after this latest stunt,

“I’ve worked in an ER. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on one of those things.”


One fan pleaded with Strickland to ditch the bike and buy a nice car instead since it is safer,

“Please ditch the bike man, buy a sweet ass muscle car. Don’t be the next gens frank mir.”

One fan had a rather interesting question for the champ. The fan wondered if the UFC fines fighters for getting injured by doing things like this, like how the NFL or the NBA fines it’s players,

“Do you get fined for stuff like this? Like football players”

This fan requested Strickland to stop wrecking since the fans need to see him back in the octagon fighting again,

“Bro we need you, don’t be wrecking no more.”

Although he is still training every day, he does not have any fights lined up yet. But one thing is clear, for his next fight, Strickland wants to challenge for the title again.

Strickland won’t depend on judges for wins anymore

The former UFC middleweight champion is ready to fight again despite having beaten Paulo Costa just last month. However, he will have to wait for Dricus Du Plessis vs. Israel Adesanya.

And given that he was severely criticized for his lackluster performance and a boring fight last time he was inside an octagon, the former middleweight champion had made it very clear that he will be finishing off his opponent next time.

But that isn’t the only thing he wants. Having never had his title rematch, Strickland made it known that he will not be fighting for the #1 contender anymore. It’s the title fight he wants, doesn’t matter who it is.

“My man! We’re fighting for that gold and there won’t be any cuts or bad judging!”

However, he may have to wait for a long time to get a title shot. The Du Plessis vs. Adesanya fight could possibly result in a rematch if ‘The Last Stylebender pulls off a win to become the ‘real African champion’. And, given his recent accident, that is probably a very good idea.

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Allan Binoy

Allan Binoy


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