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“He Doesn’t Talk Trash”: Stephen Thompson Speculates Reasons Belal Muhammad Is Delayed UFC Title Shot by Dana White and Co.

Kishore R

“He Doesn’t Talk Trash”: Stephen Thompson Speculates Reasons Belal Muhammad Is Delayed UFC Title Shot by Dana White and Co.

Fighting is certainly an intricate realm, no questions asked. However, what started in the Roman Colosseum as a gladiator sport now has turned into a massive spinner with promoters picking superstars over competent combat athletes just so that they can bring in more eyes. Consequently, this has taken a toll on fighters like Belal Muhammad who, despite being on a hot streak, is still denied a title shot. Interestingly, UFC veteran Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson feels like it has something to do with his lack of showmanship.

Speaking on InsideFighting, the 41-year-old UFC sensation dived deep into speculation, mentioning Muhammad’s ill fate despite being the #2 ranked Welterweight in the promotion. In fact, “Wonderboy” doubts if it is the fighter’s lackluster showmanship or his lack of star power that is actually keeping UFC away from offering him a title shot. Opening up on the show, he said,

There’s some guys that deserve the title shot but maybe just that they dont have that exciting factor in Belal Muhammad, right? He’s on a crazy win streak, should be fighting for the title but its just like UFC is like, ‘no, its not happening,’ and I dont know it its because he’s not a very exciting fighter you know he doesn’t talk trash, he doesn’t have that entertainment you know factor about him like some of these other guys.” 

Technically, since Leon Edwards defended his throne against Kamaru Usman, Muhammad should be next in line. Yet, a title shot is still a daydream for the 35-year-old who is riding on a nine-fight win streak. Thompson then shared his thoughts about how the promotions have sort of strayed away from their old ways, prioritizing entertainment over sporting values.

Thompson draws the line, mentioning how UFC has strayed away from its old ways

If one is taking into account solely the revenue generated, then make no mistake about it, UFC is miles if not lightyears ahead of what it used to be back in the day.  With stars like Conor McGregor transcending beyond the sport itself, bringing more eyes into the industry, the actual sporting value has taken the backseat as Thompson states,

“When you’re just looking at the sport then yeah, I mean, there was a time when the Fertitta brothers were you know kind of over it, they kind of they followed it, you didn’t have to be a biggest talker to get the next shot if you earned it and you worked your way up you got it. Now that is kind of managed by that you know entertainment industry, people are just wanting the bigger most exciting fights.” 

While the veteran clearly understands that this is the name of the game, he isn’t very appreciative of it. That is why he laid it out in layman’s terms to raise awareness among fans.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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