‘I don’t get this world anymore’: Tito Ortiz reveals what propelled him to engage in a quarrel with a city resident 

Prateek Arya
|Published 25/12/2020

Toto Ortiz reveals what made him angry and propelled him to engage in a quarrel with a city resident. 

After getting slammed for not wearing a mask at a public gathering, the newly elected mayor pro-tem of Huntington Beach city, and a former UFC fighter, Tito Ortiz has presented his defense on the incident, which involved him indulging in a confrontation with a city resident.

Ever since he has initiated a career in politics, the former Light Heavyweight champion has been at the center of several controversies. Ortiz’s stance on Covid-19 has put him in trouble a couple of times.

Adding another element to his earlier contentious statements (Calling Covid-19, flu and a form of population control), Tito Ortiz on Wednesday engaged in a heated argument with an individual who confronted him for not wearing a mask. The incident took place at the premises of a local school, where Ortiz was present to distribute food.

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Tito Ortiz Reveals What Made Him Flip

The Pro-tem mayor left the site after things got heated-up, however, on the subsequent day took to Twitter to present his side.

“That was a good turnout,” Ortiz said. “A lot of people showed up, but then there was a guy who was just very annoying… said I was trying to poison people with food. I don’t get this world anymore. I really don’t. It’s confusing. But that’s just one or two or three people. But still, to tell people lies that we’re trying to poison them with food is a no-no, shame.

“People are going ‘what’s going on?’ and there’s a guy with a loudspeaker, telling people in Spanish that I’m poisoning them,” Ortiz added. “I’m trying to give them poison food. Don’t accept food from me. All my fans know how much I give back during Christmas time and for him to do that is embarrassing.”

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