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“Im already the champ”: Dustin Poirier Makes Further Claim About UFC Lightweight Championship

Prateek Arya

"Im already the champ": Dustin Poirier Makes Further Claim About UFC Lightweight Championship

Dustin Poirier is overtly convinced that he is the UFC Lightweight champion. In the past, the fighter has held the interim belt of the concerned division. 

With a win over the sport’s most recognized fighter, Dustin Poirier has cemented his position as one of the finest Lightweights of all time. The diamond entered the match as the clear underdog but made his exit as the undisputed No.1 contender for the Lightweight title.

The update in the official rankings will elevate his position to No.1, which is just next in order to the Undisputed champion.

While, Khabib Nurmagomedov is still the title holder but, with no certainty and a concretion about his future bout, the authority may soon decide the fate of the UFC Lightweight title. And if indeed the Eagle gets stripped of the title, then two potential scenarios will be prevalent.

One, in which the title will be vacant and a showdown between Dustin Poirier and the other No.1 contender will take place. And the other, in which the title will be crowned by giving a peek at the pecking order. In such a case, Dustin Poirier will most probably emerge as the new king of the 155-pound weight class.

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Dustin Poirier Makes Further Claim About UFC Lightweight Championship

Ever since he has prevailed at the main event of UFC 257, Dustin Poirier hasn’t remained quiet on the status of Lightweight gold. The Diamond believes he is the rightful owner of the strap and sees no reason as to why he is not the champion already.

On Tuesday, Dustin Poirier made another claim about the belt, via Twitter. He posted a reaction on the post, that was related to Conor McGregor’s demand of a trilogy fight.

Apparently, Conor McGregor wants an immediate rematch of the UFC 257 headliner, and this time he fancies it to become the fight for the vacant title.

Upon noticing the concerned post, Dustin wrote, “Im already the champ.”

With different standpoints and possibilities, the UFC Lightweight title is a subject of a camouflaged melee right now. And no notion is seemingly out of the picture.

So, will Khabib return? Will, there be a fight for the vacant title? Can UFC grant Dustin Poirier the ultimate helm of the Lightweight division? Only the future will tell what is in store.

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