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“Incels on Twitter”: UFC’s Paulo Costa Called Out for AI–Generated Ronda Rousey Photo

Kishore R

"Incels on Twitter": UFC’s Paulo Costa Called Out for AI–Generated Ronda Rousey Photo

If you are a woman, it appears that an Olympic medal or a UFC title matter less to Paulo Costa than the size of your breasts. Costa posting a fake AI picture of Ronda Rousey where her chest has been digitally altered suggests that’s how he views women.

Judge for yourself:

Taking the internet by storm, ‘Borrachinha’ posted a collage of two images of ‘Rowdy’ Rousey, both of which are AI pictures making her digitally enhanced, essentially sexualizing her in a derogatory manner.

Mind you, this is an Olympic medal winner, who also took the MMA world by storm by winning the women’s bantamweight title. Before Conor McGregor made it to the big leagues, Rousey was doing Conan O’Brian trying to hype tup the UFC.

And even though there have been recent fallouts, one cannot simply deny the fact that Ronda Rousey helped put UFC on the map! So, not only is this extremely disrespectful of a veteran fighter, but it’s also incredibly misogynistic and demeaning to women.

Thankfully Twitter concurs.

This fan rightfully called out Costa by saying

incels on twitter are more attracted to ai generated pics of women than real life women

Another fan who appeared just as frustrated with AI as most sane people, said

         “Yall need to stop it with the AI bullshit

This guy just asked Costa to stop being horny.

           “The most susceptible group to falling for AI are the #horny

Another callout followed

           “Admit what? That you’re lusting over AI?

It would appear Costa needs to keep it in his pants. Nobody needs to know what you are looking at on the internet. AI and digitally altered images lead to deepfake porn and many women, including celebrities continue to suffer from it.

But it would appear Costa is woefully unaware or is simply apathetic.

Speaking of which, following his loss against the former MW champ, Costa poked fun at Strickland with a cheesy Karate Kid reference and definitely called him some form of the N-word

Costa calls Sean Strickland “Karate N**u”

The middleweight bout between Strickland and Costa was a snooze fest as the Brazilian got really tired walking away very slowly from the American for 5 rounds straight.

However, Costa is not holding on to the loss. Instead, he took things to social media where he revealed his desire to train with ‘Tarzan’ using a ‘cheeky’ post.

Using a Karate Kid reference, he alleged that Strickland employed Ralph Machhio’s’ posture from the Hollywood movie in the final minutes of their fight after Strickland flew in with a push kick. He put up a thread of three images highlighting the stark resemblance while Strickland was in his usual absurd unorthodox stance.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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