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Jon Jones Fires Back with Tom Brady Reference to Fan Suggesting Fights with Miocic and Aspinall Before Retirement

Kevin Binoy

Jon Jones Fires Back with Tom Brady Reference to Fan Suggesting Fights with Miocic and Aspinall Before Retirement

Jon Jones recently took to social media to hit back at fans who believe he won’t be able to defend his belt against Tom Aspinall and Stipe Miocic. Although Jones is one of the most decorated fighters in the UFC, he hasn’t defended his heavyweight belt even once due to injury. Naturally, this coupled with Bones’ inactivity has begun testing the patience of some fans who vented their frustration on social media, asking the 36-year-old to defend his title before retiring.

Rumors currently speculate that Jon Jones will be retiring from the UFC following his fight against Stipe Miocic. At the same time, Jones has fired several shots at Tom Aspinall, although he seems to be avoiding a fight against the Brit at all costs. Hence, fans lost it when ‘Bones’ called Dustin Poirier out in a recent Tweet, and one fan outright asked the 36-year-old to defend his own title first. To this, Jones gave a curt reply, saying,

“I’ll be attempting to break my own record November 9th, be sure to tune in. How many championships does one need?”

In response to Jones’ reply, a fan made a simple request. He urged ‘Bones’ to defend his belt against Miocic and Aspinall and that is all. To this, ‘Bones’ replied with a reference to seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Tom Brady, saying,

“Hey Tom Brady, you still look healthy, give us two more Super Bowls and I’ll personally be more impressed by your career!”

Needless to say, Jones’ legacy is set in stone whether or not he takes on Miocic. Still, will he actually retire following the encounter?

Jon Jones to step away from the sport after a win over Miocic?

According to reports, the UFC is targeting a fight between Jones and Miocic for November this year. Both fighters have been training for the better part of a year for this fight. If Jones secures a win, he will have defeated the greatest heavyweight to ever compete in the UFC. However, once that is done, there is not much reason for him to stick around.

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At this point in his career, Jones is searching for fights that define his legacy. Fighting and defeating Miocic will be just that. However, fighting and potentially defeating Tom Aspinall does not add much to his repertoire. Therefore, Jones will most likely not stick around for another fight.

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