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“Knock Him Unconscious”: Dustin Poirier Promises Devastation for Islam Makhachev Over ‘Early Finish’ Remarks Ahead of UFC 302

Allan Binoy

“Knock Him Unconscious”: Dustin Poirier Promises Devastation for Islam Makhachev Over ‘Early Finish’ Remarks Ahead of UFC 302

Islam Makhachev’s sudden confidence ahead of his fight against Dustin Poirier is quite uncanny. While the Champ will defend his belt against a lightweight contender for the first time at UFC 302, Makhachev has almost been overlooking Poirier as an opponent. However, things have heated up now as Poirier has struck back with some confidence of his own.

During Makhachev’s interview with Yahoo! Sports a few weeks ago, Ben Fowlkes asked the 32-year-old to predict the result of his fight against Dustin Poirier. The Dagestani immediately insisted that he would best ‘The Diamond’ easily and finish him within a few rounds.

However, Poirier has a different opinion when asked for his prediction in another recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, he said,

“I’m gonna knock him unconscious and the ref’s gonna be pulling me off of him”

Dustin Poirier then went on to state that he had to shoot for the guillotine during their fight. If he gets the champ to submit via a rear naked choke, it will be an iconic moment in MMA history. Well, with just 10 days to go for the fight, both fighters are training extensively and Makhachev even sought the help of his mentor, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Speaking of Nurmagomedov his rival, Conor McGregor, recently gave his predictions for the fight, and his pick will surely surprise you.

Conor McGregor gives his prediction for Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier

While Conor McGregor’s history with both Makhachev and Poirier is well known, he even had an interesting prediction for the UFC 302 matchup. McGregor was recently streaming online when a fan asked him for his thoughts on the UFC 302 title fight. To this, ‘Mystic Mac’ said,

“He’s (Makhachev’s) been knocked out by a back check hook from a southpaw before inside the UFC, and you know that’s one of Dustin’s best shots. If Dustin’s ever gonna do it it’s gonna be this time.”

McGregor believes this is the best opportunity for Dustin Poirier to win the belt, as it is stylistically a good match-up for ‘The Diamond.’ Well, with both fighters now confident to face each other in the octagon, only time can tell if the Irishman’s prediction will turn out to be accurate.

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