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“Like Ryo Sakazaki”: Andrew Tate’s Past MMA Victory Resurfaces Online, Sparking Mixed Reactions From Fans

Kevin Binoy

“Like Ryo Sakazaki”: Andrew Tate’s Past MMA Victory Resurfaces Online, Sparking Mixed Reactions From Fans

While Andrew and Tristan Tate are now infamous for their controversies, they initially came into the spotlight as martial artists. Interestingly, their past came to the forefront recently as a video of one of Andrew Tate’s MMA victories resurfaced on social media. Naturally, the throwback clip ended up drawing quite a few interesting reactions from fans.

Andrew Tate has had only two fights as a mixed martial artist. The first fight, albeit an amateur one, took place in March 2010, which he won via unanimous decision. However, his first and only professional fight took place later that year in June 2010, where he secured a first-round knockout win over Shane Kavanagh. Since that fight, the older Tate brother is yet to step back into the octagon.

A clip posted by ‘MrTestoestrogen’ on Twitter shows Tate’s first fight as a professional mixed martial artist. In the clip, Tate is seen effectively landing thunderous low kicks while picking apart his opponent. Needless to say, the clip has drawn some interesting reactions from fans who have seldom seen Tate in such an avatar.

One fan said, “how far up do you think he’s climbing the ranks in UFC?”

Another fan added, “Why [does] he fight so goofy”

“Lmao wtf, how did the other guy go down? Nothing landed”– commented another fan making fun of the stoppage.

“he gets dog walked by anyone in PFL’s bottom 5”– commented a fan poking fun at Tate.

A commenter also compared Tate to video game character Ryo Sakazaki, saying, “He felt like Ryo Sakazaki in 2002.”

The Tate Brothers have a shaky relationship with several people from the combat sports world. However, UFC star Conor Mcgregor appears to support them unconditionally.

Conor McGregor gives his seal of approval to Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate

‘The Notorious’ recently participated in his first-ever livestream, where he gambled online and fielded questions from fans. Being his usual self, McGregor poked fun at almost anyone and everyone in the UFC. However, the Tate brothers got nothing but respect from the Irishman.

When asked about his thoughts on the Tate brothers, McGregor said, “I like Andrew [Tate]… from what I see and hear….what he says and how they carry themselves. They’re good, they’re okay in my book. Top G.” Now, it will be interesting to see if the Tate brothers think the same of McGregor.

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