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Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s Bag Boxing Earns Praise from UFC Vet Jorge Masvidal Despite Fan Ridicule

Kishore R

Rapper Wiz Khalifa's Bag Boxing Earns Praise from UFC Vet Jorge Masvidal Despite Fan Ridicule

With boxing becoming more and more popular by the minute, even Wiz Khalifa wants a piece of the pie. Although the rapper has yet to transition to the world of combat sports, he is busy honing his skills in training. In fact, former ‘BMF’ Jorge Masvidal took note of Khalifa’s grind and couldn’t help but praise him.

As an avid fan of the fight business, Khalifa has been working on himself, chipping away and perfecting his boxing skills for the most part. Posting a short clip of the same, the rapper earned the respect of ‘Gamebred’ but became an internet troll as fans made a mockery of his intense workout.


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Khalifa often posts videos of his workouts on Instagram, and one of his latest uploads caught the attention of Jorge Masvidal who noted his approval with fire emojis, essentially lauding the pop star for his effort.

However, most fans appeared to have a different opinion and they soon jumped the gun to trash Khalifa’s efforts. Mocking him one user noted,

I have seen enough give him Jon Jones.”

While the above comment earned more than 200 likes and numerous replies, another follower relayed his thoughts without any filter. Reflecting on the pop star’s boxing skills which apparently need more work, he wrote,

Your stand up game trash Wiz lol but you got it on the MMA sh*t tho.” 

Another fan also commented something along the same lines, pointing out that the rapper is not co-ordinated. In the video, one can see Khalifa dropping his hands all while hitting the bag without any hip or shoulder extension. However, despite that fact, one fan even drew in a Drake reference to denounce the rapper’s effort.

Hahahaaaaa that’s as funny as drake’s career.” 

On the other hand much like the earlier Jon Jones comment, another fan suggested that the rapper is now ready for Light heavyweight champion, Alex Pereira.

“I’ve seen enough give him Alex P.”

While fans were poking and mocking the rapper, Masvidal was impressed and it certainly takes a lot for the 39-year-old to comment and give his approval. Amidst this, it looks like Chael Sonnen has revealed major news about a boxing bout between him and Jorge Masvidal and that has been causing a lot of smoke in the community.

Chael Sonnen vs Jorge Masvidal confirmed for October says ‘The American Gangster’

Popular MMA analyst and former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen recently dropped a massive bomb. Speaking to his co-host and ex-UFC champion, Daniel Cormier on the popular ‘Good Guy/ Bad Guy’ podcast, Sonnen claimed that following his boxing bout against his former rival Anderson Silva, he is slated to step into the ring with Masvidal in October!

At the same time, Sonnen also revealed that it was he who agreed to take on Silva in a ring even though the Brazilian was ready to face him under MMA stipulations. Hence, it will be really interesting to see if Sonnen will be up for the challenge after a 5 year long hiatus from combat sports.

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